Information on policies and procedures for Mountaineers' managed and owned vehicles, defensive driving, and reserving vehicles.

The Mountaineers manages two vehicles to be used solely for official Mountaineers business and programs and not for personal use. For specific information on vehicle use, please start by reading the Mountaineers Transportation Policies and Procedures document. Below outlines requirements for driving Mountaineers managed vehicles, taking the Defensive Driving training, requesting a vehicle, and vehicle use. If you have questions please email Sara Ramsay

Our two vehicles are for the use of Mountaineers staff and volunteers to help reduce transportation costs, provide increased transportation capacity for youth trips, and remove the strain of personal vehicle use for business purposes. Both vehicles were acquired to increase youth programming capacity and our van was purchased with funds from grants and donations.  

Requirements for driving Mountaineers' owned or managed vehicles:

  • All drivers must have a valid U.S. driver's license.
  • All drivers must be at least 18 years old.
  • To drive full-size vans (12-15 passenger) the driver must be at least 21 years old.
  • All drivers must be employees or volunteer leaders within the organization.
  • All drivers must complete an online Defensive Driving Training.
  • All drivers of vans must additionally complete a vehicle maneuvering training.
  • All drivers must provide a copy of their driving record EVERY 3 YEARS.


New drivers should start by reviewing the Mountaineers Transportation Policies and Procedures document. Much of this information will also be reiterated and reviewed in our Defensive Driver training. Please email Sara Ramsay to enroll in the Defensive Driver Training.

Drivers must get at least 80% of questions correct on the Defensive Driving training quiz to be authorized to drive Mountaineers vehicles. Once drivers completed the assessment, the transportation manager will be notified with your results. This training  will be valid for three years.


Anyone driving the Mountaineers van must complete an additional maneuvering training that consists of:

  • Backing the van in a straight line for approximately 80 feet
  • Making 90 degree turns; left and right, both forwards and backwards
  • Making "S" turns between cones that are about 30 feet apart
  • Parallel parking

Click here for a resource and visual on the maneuvering training


Vehicles may be driven by approved employees and volunteers, but currently must be requested by an employee for use. Employees are also responsible for managing the reservation and any required communication with volunteers on vehicle use.


Please contact Sara Ramsay with any questions regarding The Mountaineers vehicles or transportation policies.