Branch and Committee Administration

Documents, links, and resources related to the volunteer work of serving on a committee - this is what helps to keep our programs running! Please feel free to upload resources of a general nature that other branches or committees may appreciate.

Position Description Templates

A collection of template position descriptions for branches and committees to customize and use for recruitment and management. These templates are an available best practice to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Branch Positions

Branch Positions

Mountaineers programs are organized and led by volunteers across our seven branches. Each branch has the following positions.

Organizational Structure

This file provides a visual representation of our governance structure and multiple operational entities (lodges, branches, staff, etc.). Use it like an "org chart" to get, or teach, a better understanding of how the many groups within the organization rely on each other.

PDF document icon Operations Chart 2015.pdf — PDF document, 27 KB

Volunteer Recruitment Template

This template helps you design and market ANY volunteer position your committee may need. Using a format like this helps people screen themselves into work that interests them. It also saves committee time explaining roles to people you are recruiting and allows you to reach a broader audience with what needs you have. If you want this posted on the "Volunteers Needed" Blog, please contact Member Services at

Microsoft Word Document icon Volunteer Position Description Template Simple Form - best for most positions.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 37 KB

Sample Meeting Minutes Template

With input from a variety of committee secretaries and minute-takers, this is one example of a way to document committee meetings and decisions. High-quality documentation and storage allows other volunteers to quickly identify decision-makers and "next steps," and it prevents our volunteers re-addressing issues that have already been decided. Ultimately, people save time looking for information and we can spend that time doing things!

Microsoft Word Document icon Meeting Minutes Template.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 35 KB

Program Evaluation Tool

Every committee and branch in the organization can benefit from strategic thinking and planning on a regular basis. This document leads you through a useful structure for assessing your program's effectiveness and helps plan for future modifications or investments that are consistent with the overall mission of The Mountaineers.

PDF document icon Program Evaluation Tool.pdf — PDF document, 493 KB

Committee Resource Manual

We have compiled a collection of documents that should answer most questions people have as they run our programs and outdoor centers. Hard copies may also be provided by staff. You can add your own committee's documents in the section for committee materials, and this document will evolve as we learn what information is most useful for others. Feel free to suggest new/different information! Please contact Member Services at will your feedback.

Major Complaint - Formal Process

Overview of the process used to address major problem behavior complaints.

PDF document icon Behavior_Complaints_Major.pdf — PDF document, 111 KB

Minor Complaint - Lightweight Process

Overview of the process used to address minor problem behavior complaints.

PDF document icon Behavior_Complaints_Minor.pdf — PDF document, 105 KB

Receiving Behavior Complaints

Overview of the different ways The Mountaineers can receive a behavior complaint, and how we determine if we should follow the major or minor complaint process.

PDF document icon Problem_Behavior_Receiving_Complaints.pdf — PDF document, 129 KB

Course Completion Certificates

Contains printable certificates for all courses offered (that award badges). The files are read-only so you'll need to print as many as you need and then hand-write names of graduates and have the Course Chair sign them.

Olympia Branch Service Award Nomination Form

Please use this form to nominate an outstanding Olympia Mountaineers leader to receive the 2021 Branch Service Award.

Foothills Branch Service Award Nomination Form

Please use this form to nominate an outstanding Foothills Mountaineers leader to receive the Branch Service Award.