Committee Resource Manual

We have compiled a collection of documents that should answer most questions people have as they run our programs and outdoor centers. Hard copies may also be provided by staff. You can add your own committee's documents in the section for committee materials, and this document will evolve as we learn what information is most useful for others. Feel free to suggest new/different information! Please contact Member Services at will your feedback.

Table of Contents - Committee Manual

Provides an overview of the sections and documents meant to serve as a resource to committee members in administering courses, activities, and outdoor centers for The Mountaineers.

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I - Organizational Guidance

Section one of the committee manual. Contains documents that help explain The Mountaineers as an organization as well as its policies, organizational structure, and leadership and staff roles.

II - Branch Manuals and Policies

Each branch has its own governance rules and policies that expand on, and are consistent with, the organization-wide policies adopted by the Board of Directors.

III - Tools for Managing Meetings and Evaluating Programs

This folder contains a number of resources for running efficient meetings, tools for evaluating programs to invest in (or not), how to collect a wide sample of opinions and feedback, as well as how to recruit the best volunteers for your program.

IV - Organization-wide Minimum Standards

These are Board-mandated “bottom-line” requirements for offering an activity.

V - Board of Directors Policies

These are the rules that govern our entire organization, as determined by the elected members of the Board of Directors, also made up of volunteers.

X - Website Guidance

For materials that were included in the committee manual (pulled from the website). If you want to replace this portion of your manual, use this. If you have questions about the website, go to the "Leader Resources" page or contact

XI Public Lands Guidance

Here is some basic guidance for Mountaineers programs seeking to use specific lands that have some unique permitting or use restrictions, and how to "navigate" those hurdles successfully.

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XII - Committee Documents and Publications

This part of the committee manual is intended to serve as the place where you can include and organize the rules and forms that govern your activity. FIND THEM ON YOUR COMMITTEE'S WEB PAGE.

Cover Sheet for Committee Manual

"Personalize" your committee manual's cover with this template you can put your committee's name on.

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