Winter Camping Course - Seattle - 2018

Snowshoeing Course

Snowshoe / Winter Camping Course

Snowshoe / Winter Camping Course - Seattle

Learn to make a comfortable camp in the snow. This course will cover both winter tent camping and non-emergency winter shelters (primarily snow caves, but touching on igloos and other options). The course consists of one lecture and one all-weekend Field Trip, which includes building a snow cave! We show up well prepared on the Saturday, but do not conclude until Sunday afternoon.

The lecture will address gear choices as well as the practical considerations and techniques of setting up a camp in the snow. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet other campers for setting up carpools and small groups for gear sharing (tents, stoves) and snow cave construction.

At the field trip we will begin by snowshoeing a short distance to the camp site. We will set up our tents, but will then turn our focus to constructing snow caves in small groups. Instructors will be on hand to offer guidance and advice.

Gear: In addition to snowshoeing and overnight gear, each small group should bring at least two collapsible snow shovels for snow cave construction.

Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Snowshoeing (formerly Snowshoe Lite) or equivalency. Alpine Scrambling and Basic Climbing graduates are also eligible to enroll in this course.

Note that attendance at the lecture is MANDATORY in order for you to take the Field Trip.

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Please specify your carpool preferences for the field trip when signing up (or edit them later). Then click the link in your Profile to view other students' carpool preferences so that you can organize your own carpooling arrangements.

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See "Required Equipment" under the field trip description.

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