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Naturalists Study Group - Seattle

 The Study Group was established as an opportunity for graduates of the “Introduction to the Natural World” course, and those with equivalent experience, to continue their learning about the natural world.

The Group has now increased to nearly 500 members, making many of the benefits originally planned impractical. Over the years, there have been changes within the Mountaineers that have affected the Naturalist Study Group.  For example, we now invite all Mountaineers members to attend our speaker series and seminars at no charge.  We no longer publish a newsletter.  Instead, we use social media such as Facebook and Instagram.   We feel the best way for folks to connect with other naturalists and further their learning is to participate in hikes and activities and attend our speaker series.  Taking the Introduction to the Natural World course, Moss and Lichen course, and other courses is another way to meet others in the Naturalist community.  

Thank you for your patience while the Naturalist Executive Committee discusses the direction of this group moving forward and the best way to provide continuing education. We are no longer accepting new registrations. The Study  Group  Course is  set to end officially on December 31, 2024. All current “students” (those who have the Naturalist Study Group badge on their Profile) will naturally continue to reap the benefit of being able to audit each year's Introduction to the Natural World course upon request, even beyond this end date.

We understand that some folks are coming into our community with an extensive knowledge base of the natural world and we would be thrilled if those people would identify themselves to us and tell us about their particular areas of interest.  As a volunteer organization, we welcome help of all kinds in order to enrich our program.

Please let us know if you have any questions about how to be a part of our Naturalist community.

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