Field Trip 2 - Seattle Naturalists Intro Natural World Course

Birding - Practice using binoculars and birding books over 2-3 hours during peak birding time.
Field trip
Exploring Nature

Expect to spend 2-3 hours wandering the trails, looking for birds and listening to their calls.

This field trip will give you the chance to practice using binoculars to get good looks at
birds so you can tell them apart. We have chosen local birding hot spots and with any luck
we will find some birds who sit still so you can observe them leisurely.

After this field trip you may identify these species and more:

1. Red-winged Blackbird
2. Vaux’s Swift
3. Bald Eagle
4. Tree Swallow
5. Madrone
6. Yellow Pond-lily
7. Pacific Chorus Frog
8. California Hazelnut
9. Thread-waisted Wasp
10. Indian Plum
11. Black Twinberry
12. Northern Flicker


Required: multiple activities scheduled, students choose one

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