Rope Soloing on Single Pitch Routes

This clinic explores the basics of setting up a self-belay system and preparing a climbing route for toprope solo climbing.

We will be demonstrating a system for self-belay while top roping a single pitch route.  This will be followed by a collaborative discussion, then participants can set up and practice the technique on the climbing wall.

Focus of workgroup will be:

  • Self-belay setups.
  • Preparation of climbing site for solo toprope.
  • Escaping system at top or midclimb, and retreat.


  • Standard climbing gear. 
  • Two progress capture devices, preferably microtraxion.  Many other progress capture devices work well too.  A grigri would work but would need to be modified accordingly.
  • Two locking carabiners designed to prevent crossloading.  The DMM Belay Master 2, Edelrid Strike SafeLock HMS, or Grivel Clepsydra TwinGate all work well. 
  • Quicklink
  • Petzl Express Quickdraw Runner
  • Extra single and double slings to assemble chest harness. 
  • A backpack or other object to weigh down a dangling climbing rope.
Required: multiple activities scheduled, students choose one

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