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Scrambling Course

Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course

CASC B covers the same curriculum of skills as the regular Scramble Course but over the span of one month with an intense 3 day weekend and a stay at Steven's Lodge. The 2022 Seattle Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course will require proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Please also see the listing for our other compressed course CASC-A and the regular Scrambling Course.

COVID POLICY: All students and instructors are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate in this course. By registering for this course, students acknowledge that they are or will be vaccinated. Students will be required to show copies of  vaccine card prior to attending the first lecture. More detail on the process will be emailed. Participants  will be required to keep up to date with current public guidelines for boosters, exposure for quarantine, etc. from the Mountaineers, King County, Washington, and the CDC. Additionally, masks will be required when indoors for an in-person lectures. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the rise of variants of the COVID-19 virus, we will evaluate the restrictions closer to the course dates and modify the course as needed for the safety of our students and instructors.

If you find it easier to take a class over a long weekend and in a short timeframe--  Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course (CASC) is for you, differing only from the regular Alpine Scrambling class by the intensity of the instructional experience. Learn how to travel off-trail and safely across rock and snow filled terrain and use an ice ax to reach some of the great peaks in the area. After an initial lecture, conditioning hike, and a long-weekend of field instruction the program culminates with the regular Seattle Alpine Scrambling class Experience Field Trip in June.

The course will begin at the Seattle Mountaineer Program center on Friday, May 20, 2022 from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM.  The course will then move to the Stevens Pass Mountaineers Lodge on Friday night through Sunday afternoon, May 22, 2022 for a weekend of workshops and field trips. Students are required to meet all other requirements to successfully graduate the program. Due to the challenges of CASC  students are expected to demonstrate excellent physical conditioning – such as being able to achieve 2,000 feet in elevation gain in a reasonable time with a pack in each of two consecutive days as well as other strenuous physical activities during the field trips. If you have any questions about conditioning please contact the course leader.  One test is hiking Mt. Si in 2 hours or less with a pack carrying 15% of your bodyweight. There is an additional charge included in the course fee for the overnight stay and meals at the Stevens Lodge. Due to the timing of this course, students will have to sign up for Wilderness Navigation early in the season and have it completed before the May 20 weekend.

Please also see the listing for our other compressed course CASC-A and the regular Scrambling Course.


    • Complete the online Low Impact Recreation quiz.
    • Complete a Stewardship event
    • Complete 3 scrambles
    • Complete the Wilderness First Aid course Seattle WFA
    • Complete the Wilderness Navigation course /Seattle/Foothills by June 1 to eligible for the Experience Field Trip.  PLEASE NOTE: SEATTLE WILDERNESS NAVIGATION STARTS JANUARY 10! FOOTHILLS ON JANUARY 31!
      • ** First Aid and Navigation are separate courses with their own fees.
Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

The 10 Essentials, Scrambling gear and overnight supplies for 2 nights at the Stevens Lodge. 

Course Materials

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