Stewardship- Tolmie State Park

The crew returns to Tolmie State Park to work on various trail maintenance projects to improve the drainage, brush back encroaching vegetation and improve the trail tread with proper slope and gravel.


We will meet in the LOWER PARKING LOT at 9:00 a.m. A car pool can be arranged for those interested - likely to meet at the Martin Way Park and Ride. 

The crew return to various aspects of improving the drainage of rain water off the trails and improving the trail tread with proper slope and gravel. 

Crew members will first need to identify drainage and trail tread problems and discuss the most viable solutions.   There are several small sections of trail where the trail itself is the low point.  Digging a trench to end at a deep hole (sump) is one likely solution and building turnpike is another solution (which will take several visits).

The whole crew may be recruited to walk through the trail problems, then discuss the issues and solutions..  Some crew members will likely be digging and grading while others will be clearing brush and others  will be hauling gravel.

Leader's notes

March is likely to include some rain and crew members should dress for rain or bring rain gear, wear boots suitable for wet trail conditions and dress in layers providing warmth and more warmth. 

The leaders will be watching the weather and make adjustments as necessary to avoid threatening weather.

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Tolmie State Park- Thurston County
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