Wilderness Skills - Olympia - 2019

Day Hiking Course

Wilderness Skills

Learn the skills to get outside and safely enjoy Washington's wilderness.

Open to everyone, Wilderness Skills provides skills and practice for hiking and the "groundwork" for backpacking in the Northwest. It is also required for Alpine Scrambling, Basic Climbing and Backpacking courses with the Olympia Branch.

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Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Wilderness Skills is designed to prepare area outdoor enthusiasts for hiking or backpacking in the forests, mountains and trails of the Pacific Northwest. Open to all, this course is also the foundation required before the start of Alpine Scrambling, Basic Climbing and Backpacking Courses with the Olympia Branch. 

The 16 hour course is held on two consecutive Saturdays that include presentations and hands-on inside and outside activities. Backcountry skills and Unplanned overnights are the focus of Wilderness Skills. Planned overnights and related planning and gear are more briefly covered.  

CLIMB/SCRAMBLE STUDENTS ONLY:  Most students register directly online, but Basic Climb and Alpine Scrambling course students are registered for Wilderness Skills by their  BC/AS course leaders.  BC/AS students are also graduated from WS by their  BC/AS course leader.

GRADUATION: Students must complete both Saturdays. We want you to get outside, so Wilderness Skills students not also taking a Scramble/Climb course must also email the Wilderness Skills Course leader when they have completed a hike in order to graduate. Climb/Scramble students will be graduated by their Climb/Scramble course leader after students complete the first Climb/Scramble activity.

DATES & TIMES: The 2019 Wilderness Skills runs two consecutive Saturdays January 2th and February 2nd. The course finishes before Olympia Branch Basic Climb and Alpine Scrambling courses begin.  Each Saturday runs 8 a.m. to 5 pm and is based out of the main hall at  St. John's Episcopal Church in Olympia. 

ONCE EACH YEAR: The Wilderness Skills course is offered once each year. Hiking, Backpacking, and a Conditioning Hiking Series are offered in the Spring/Summer.

Course Materials

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