Greenland Paddle Carving


Greenland Paddle Carving - Squaxin Park

Greenland Paddle Carving taught by Don Beale

  • Easy/Moderate
  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

Clinic will take place at Arbutus Folk School, 610 4th Ave. E., Olympia, WA 98501

The Roster for this course is now full.  However, we may be able to offer additional carving courses in the coming year.  If you are interested in future course, please send me an email:

Instruction in carving a Greenland paddle taught by Don Beale and Joanne Barta.  Materials will be provided and the students will each create and keep their own paddles.  See for additional information.

Cost: $140 - includes all materials and supplies.   All tools are provided.  Students leave with a completed custom Greenland paddle sized for them.

Arbutus Folk school provides a very comfortable, indoor shop environment.  Wear clothes that can get dirty (saw dust, oil finish, etc) and are comfortable.  Comfortable shoes for a concrete floor are advised.  Cedar dust can be irritating.  If you are particularly sensitive you can bring a dust mask.  We try to have simple disposable dust masks for the students.

Registration and payment will be done through Arbutus folk school.  Mountaineers can contact me (John Dunlap) if you have questions:

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Lunch!  Although there are many food establishments close to Arbutus, the class schedule is tight so there will be very limited time to go out for food.  Best to bring a lunch.

Appropriate work clothes - the shop is a large room that is very difficult to keep at a comfortable temperature for everyone.  Some activities are vigorous and will make you warm, but at other times the room can feel cool.  Bring clothes to keep comfortable.

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