Basic Cross Country (Nordic) Skiing - 2024

Cross-country Skiing Course

Basic Cross Country (Nordic) Skiing

Learn the basics of cross country skiing while learning to travel safely in the mountains in winter. Already know how to ski? Brush up on your ski skills and learn avalanche awareness while meeting new friends to ski with. Evening lectures are located in the Olympia area. There is no remote option. This sport requires a moderate level of fitness--leg strength, balance and aerobic capacity. If you have any concerns in this regard, please contact the leader before registering for the course.

The first lecture, shared with the Olympia Basic Snowshoe course, covers winter hazards and ailments, winter 10 essentials and daypack items.  The second lecture includes topics specific to cross country skiing basics such as equipment, clothing, where to go, skier etiquette and field trip details.  

The required, day-long field trip covers basic skills needed to ski on groomed, tracked areas or un-groomed trails such as logging roads in moderately hilly terrain. Instruction includes diagonal stride, downhill techniques for speed control, uphill travel and turning. Back country skiing (alpine touring, telemark) and skate skiing are not taught in this course.

In addition to attending the lectures and field trip, graduation requires successful completion of two Mountaineers-lead cross country ski outings and completion of an approved Avalanche Awareness course. Graduation qualifies you to pursue a trip leader and/or instructor role for this course in future years.