Snow Clinic for Climbers

This clinic is intended to refresh and enhance snow/glacier travel skills and knowledge for both past and present Basic and Intermediate climbers.
Basic Alpine

This clinic will target past and present Basic and Intermediate climbers.  Items to be covered will be based on the areas that the participants  want to refresh their knowledge and skills such as:

  • Avalanche beacon use
  • Snow travel unroped
  • Snow travel roped
  • Self belay
  • Self arrest
  • Snow tests
  • Crevasse rescue

Bring your pack with the gear that would be used for a typical day's travel on snow and glacier including: helmet, climbing harness with appropriate items, glacier glasses, ice axe, picket, shovel, crampons, snow shoes, beacon and probe (if you have), etc.

Kitsap branch will bring their ropes, beacons, probes, snow saws, and shovels.

Required: one activity scheduled, all must attend
Field Trip, Lecture, Seminar and Clinic Instructor Feedback

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