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Climbing Course

Intermediate Alpine Climbing Essentials

The first module of the Kitsap branch Intermediate Climbing Course, which includes an evaluation of basic skills, scenario-based leadership and trip planning, anchors and the first part of self rescue training.

COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers course.


This course is the Intermediate Essentials Module of the Kitsap branch Intermediate Climbing Course.

The Kitsap Mountaineers' Intermediate Alpine Climbing Course is a leadership development course that will teach you the techniques necessary to safely lead climb rock, snow, and alpine ice (not water ice). Course graduates will have the knowledge and skills to organize and lead basic-level climbs and to participate in intermediate-level alpine, rock, and ice climbs.  


  1. Completion of the Mountaineers' Basic Alpine Climbing Course or Basic Equivalency.
  2. Membership in The Mountaineers.
  3. Mountaineering Oriented First Aid or Wilderness First Aid or equivalent (needs to be current by the Rescue Methods field trip of the Intermediate Essentials Module).

2020 Course Schedule (subject to change) 

Intermediate Essentials Module:

Intermediate overview, teaching and leadership lecture (evening)  1/23/2020     

Intermediate Evaluation (One day)    1/25/2020      

Leadership Seminar (One day) 2/1/2020

Ropes and Anchors lecture (evening)  2/27/2020

Ropes and Anchors (One day)   2/29/2020      

Rescue Methods lecture (evening)   3/17/2020 

Rescue Methods 1 (One day)  3/21/2020

How to Register

Students who register for the full intermediate package course will automatically be registered for this module their first year in the course. For continuing students, contact the course admins to be added to individual field trips (as students) or register as an instructor to assist with field trips.

Students who wish to take this module separately, register and pay on line at  Note that you are not officially admitted to the course until you successfully complete the Intermediate Evaluation field trip. You have one week after the Intermediate Evaluation to drop the course and request a partial refund, after which no refunds will be given.

Intermediate Alpine Climbing 1/Self-Rescue 1 Module

  • Prerequisites:
  1. Membership in the Mountaineers
  2. Basic climbing course or equivalent
  • Opportunities:
  1. Meets the educational requirements to apply for scramble leadership
  2. Enables graduates to lead ropes on glacier climbs with the Kitsap Branch

Applicable Standards:

  • ●  Rescue methods, including construction of rescue anchors, raising systems, and lowering systems

  • ●  Rock climbing, leading and swinging leads on mid-5thclass rock, including:

    • ▪  Constructing belay anchors using SRENE principles

    • ▪  Placing passive and active protection so it will hold a fall

      ▪  Using natural anchors such as trees, horns, rocks, and other features

      ▪  Constructing multidirectional anchors

      ▪  Using slings to manage rope drag and minimize movement of protection devices

      ●  Group Leadership, including trip planning and group dynamics


Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Equipment needs will be discussed at the first classroom session.

Course Materials
Intermediate Evaluation Guideline

This is the form we will use to evaluate your skill level for the initial field trip. It includes demonstrating navigation and most basic climbing skills.

2020 Course Handbook, Rev 1

Crevasse Rescue Card

This is a pocket guide published by the Mountaineers and is the method we will use for the Evaluation Field Trip on January 26th.

Introduction to Intermediate Alpine Climbing-1/Self Rescue-1

This is the brief we will use to guide our introductory session.


Files for the leadership course.

Intermediate Ropes and Anchors 2020

Reference material for the ropes and anchors section of the course.

Spire Rock Training Plan 2020

Training plan we will use at Spire Rock in Spanaway for the ropes and anchors field trip.

Climbing Self Rescue-1 Notes

Document to guide the Climbing Self Rescue-1 lecture, practice session and field trip.

The Master Point, The Shelf, The Components: Anchor Anatomy in Action

American Alpine Club document on Anchors.

Rescue Hitches.pdf