Foothill Wilderness Navigation - Volunteer Q&A

This one hour webinar provides an overview of the new Foothill Wilderness Navigation course for potential volunteers. There will be 15-20 minute presentation outlining the course followed by a 40 minute question and answer period. Webinar login info will be provided via email to those who RSVP.

 The Foothill Navigation Committee will offer our initial version of Wilderness Navigation this spring with our "phase two" version in the Fall. The purpose of this webinar  is to provide potential volunteers with sufficient information for choosing where they might like to participate.

We're looking for both committee members, instructors and instructor assistants. Committee members will help with our training strategy, direction, course development and course delivery. Instructors and instructor instructor assistants will work with small groups of students helping with the course material and the hundreds of tasks required in making this course a success.

The Spring 2019 version of the course will follow the 2018 Seattle Wilderness Navigation course template. So there is little new content for experienced instructors. Our Fall 2019 course will follow the Seattle Wilderness Navigation 2019 template which includes a eLearning components as well as incorporating GPS content.