Intermediate Snowshoe Leader Mentorship - Foothills

Snowshoeing & Outdoor Leadership Course

Intermediate Snowshoe Leader

Anyone with sufficient experience in snowshoeing, leadership, travel through avalanche terrain and trip planning may apply for their Intermediate Snowshoe Leader badge to lead snowshoe trips of all levels.

As an Intermediate Snowshoe leader for the Mountaineers, you can lead any level snowshoe trip. Intermediate snowshoe trips may involve steep terrain that may require the use of an ice axe or crampons, or may cross through significant avalanche terrains requiring the use of an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe.

To earn the Intermediate Snowshoe Leader badge, a prospective leader must have current Wilderness Navigation and Wilderness First Aid (or equivalent) certifications, be a current member with a signed waiver, age 21 or over, and meet the following requirements:

  • Group Management and Leadership: Demonstrated experience leading adults in an outdoor setting with other committees within the Mountaineers or with other organizations and  training or knowledge comparable to the Mountaineers Outdoor Leadership Seminar.
  • Trip Planning and Facilitation: Knowledge of Mountaineers policies and procedures for scheduling and managing an activity, route selection and trip planning, participant screening, and emergency planning including risk management with contingency plans and emergency response during a crisis.
  • Experience: No fewer than eight snowshoeing trips, at least three of which are intermediate level trips (T3-4) of sufficient difficulty to demonstrate both skills and fitness.
  • Instructional Skills: Familiarity with Mountaineers snowshoeing curriculum and experience instructing in the Intermediate Snowshoeing course lecture and field trip (or equivalent*).
  • Technical Skills: Intermediate Snowshoeing Graduate (or equivalent*), knowledge of how to navigate through and manage risk in and around avalanche terrain, advanced snow travel skills requiring use of an ice axe, and emergency bivouacs.


Prospective leaders should contact the course leader for a preliminary review of their experience once they believe that they fulfill or are close to fulfilling all of the above requirements.  After obtaining permission, the prospective leader will register for the course and then meet with the course coordinator to review their experience and skills in detail to identify any gaps.  The course coordinator may recommend additional experience, training, or courses to fulfill the above requirements.

Upon completion of the full set of requirements and approval of the Foothills Snowshoeing Leadership sub-committee, a prospective leader will be granted provisional status and given permission to lead mentored trips.

Mentors will evaluate the prospective leader's skills in leadership & group dynamics, setting up & managing the trip safely, mountain sense and judgement.   Upon the positive recommendation mentors and final approval of the Leadership Committee, the prospective leader will become an Intermediate Snowshoe Leader.  

* The Alpine Scrambling and Basic Climbing badges are considered equivalent to graduating from Intermediate Snowshoeing. Instructing in the Alpine Scrambling snow field trip is considered equivalent to instructing in the Intermediate Snowshoeing field trip.

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment
  • Ice Axe
  • Avalanche Beacon
  • Snow shovel
  • Avalanche probe
Course Materials

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