Wilderness Navigation - Instructor Training for eLearning Activities

Lecture: Wilderness Navigation - Instructor Training

Wilderness Navigation - Instructor Training for eLearning Activities - Online Classroom

This training session is for those individuals volunteering as instructors for our eLearning activities e.g. Online Map & Compass and/or GPS

  • Casual

This is a short ( ~1hr) training session starting at 5:30.

Zoom meeting info will be provided to registered instructors a couple of days prior to Wednesday, the 6th. 

elearning activities are those self-paced online activities offered as part of the Foothill Wilderness Navigation course. Typically, eLearning activities are 1 & 2 of the 4 activities required to obtain their Basic Navigation badge. 

This training will cover how students are registered and tracked; how student assignments are gathered and checked as well as how we will organize in order respond to student questions.  

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Internet access

Laptop or Tablet

Current copy of the book Wilderness Navigation by Burns and Burns is handy.  

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