Everett Hiking & Backpacking Committee

Everett Hiking & Backpacking Committee


Hiking is an exhilarating adventure that combines physical challenge with the beauty of nature, offering a refreshing escape from everyday life. The diverse terrains, from lush forests to rugged mountains, provide a thrilling backdrop for the journey.

All of our hikes have some elevation gain and are usually in mountainous terrain. Start with a short distance and a low elevation gain if you are new to hiking or reach out to the hike leader if you have questions about the hike.

Our hikes range from easy (social pace) to very strenuous (getting a workout).

Mountaineers Hike Rating System

  • Easy - Up to 8 miles (round trip) and 1,200 ft. elevation gain
  • Moderate - Up to 12 mi., 1,200-2,500 ft. gain
  • Strenuous - Up to 14 mi., 2,500-3,500 ft. gain
  • Very Strenuous - Over 14 mi. and/or more than 3,500 ft. gain

Who can go on our trips?

Mountaineers members are always welcome. Guests may go on two trips per year but must have a waiver on file with the club. Everyone is responsible for being at the appropriate level of conditioning, wearing adequate clothing and having essential gear. Sorry, but we don't allow pets on our trips.

Committee meetings: Our committee is a group of volunteers who teach hiking-related courses, and promote safety and fun among Mountaineer hike participants. We meet in the months of February, April, June and October. Meetings are open to all Everett Mountaineers.


You must bring on all Everett Mountaineer trips:

  • The Ten Essentials
  • Daypack
  • Food and water
  • Sturdy boots and clothing suitable for destination, weather and length of the trip

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Backpackers hike to a forest or mountain camp and stay overnight. We generally sleep in tents. Our Mountaineer backpacking trips include from three to eight backpackers. There are many reasons for carrying the extra overnight gear. Backpacking allows you to reach more remote destinations or perhaps return a different way (loop trip). You also gain the solitude of wilderness, great views, challenge, exercise, camaraderie of fellow Mountaineers and the safety of going with several people. Sometimes we set up a base camp at a good camping location for several days and thoroughly explore an area.

Backpacking trips are organized by approved leaders. The experienced backpackers like to share some of their favorite trips or explore new places.

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We are always looking for new hike leaders to lead hiking trips. It's a fantastic way to meet new people, explore new places and give back to The Mountaineers community. Please note: We are not accepting backpacking leader applications at this time.

Read through the hike leader guidelines in the committee materials portlet then apply below.  Once you apply we'll get you plugged into an evening leader seminar and then you'll be ready to do a mentored hike with a current hike leader.