Everett First Aid Committee

Everett First Aid Committee

Our course teaches all the basic skills of a normal first aid course, but with special emphasis on providing extended emergency care for ill or injured subjects in a wilderness setting.


The Wilderness First Aid course is split into two components. You need to sign up for both, and take them in order:

  1. A 16 hour weekend classroom session, taught by an outside vendor, Remote Medical International ( RMI website). 

  2. A 4-hour outdoor-scenario evening session, taught by The Mountaineers. The scenarios are designed to give you hands-on experience. There is NO CHARGE for these.

All Mountaineers are welcome (and encouraged) to volunteer for Scenario Nights, either as a responder or subject. You will cement what you learned in the RMI first component session, gain confidence in your abilities, and keep your skills current. You need to complete the RMI classroom session before volunteering for a scenario session.

Find and register for both the RMI and scenario courses

Wilderness First Aid is open to Mountaineer members or non-members (sign up as "Guest".)

Course dates fill fast, so sign up early. (Especially if WFA completion is required for graduation of other Mountaineers courses.)

There is a charge for RMI course, but there is NO CHARGE for the scenario sessions.

Course location

Lawrence Panzarella photo

All RMI classroom sessions will be held at the Seattle Mountaineers Program Center in Magnuson Park. Directions can be found here.

Scenario sessions are held at two places. You can choose whichever is convenient. The "Seattle" Scenario sessions are at the Mountaineer Program Center. The "Everett" scenario sessions are at the Snohomish County Search and Rescue facility, located in Snohomish at Taylor's Landing.

Join the First Aid Committee

Volunteering to help with the scenarios of the WFA courses as an assistant or a "patient" is a great way to keep your skills up-to-date, and give back to the mountaineering community. For more information contact firstaid@everettmountaineers.org.