Basic Climbing Course - Everett - 2021

Climbing Course

Basic Climbing Course

Basic Climbing Course - Everett - 2021

COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers course.

Due to the cancellation of the Everett 2020 Basic Climbing Course in March per WA state and Mountaineers Covid-19 restrictions, the program has been restructured to help prevent a cancellation in 2021. As a result, the class size has been reduced to 20 students, all lectures will be conducted remotely via Zoom or MS Teams, and all field trips will be managed by organizing the class into separate and independent student/instructor groups of no more than 8 individuals.

Students who were enrolled in the cancelled 2020 course and who elected to receive a credit towards the 2021 class will be automatically enrolled into this course by October 4, 2020. 

Students who were enrolled in the cancelled 2020 course and who did not elect a credit towards the 2021 class, will need to submit an application but will receive first priority for remaining seats in the course.

Any remaining seats after 2020 students have been accommodated will be available to new applicants.

Registration Time frames:

Applications accepted: Sept 25th - Oct 10th 
Application results published : October 15th
Successful applicants register : October 15th - October 31st
Cancellation : Refund minus $10 by Dec 1st. No refunds after this.


We, the climbing committee, are glad that you’re applying for the Basic Climbing Class and look forward to instructing and climbing with you this season. In recent years, many of the basic climbing courses at the Mountaineers have seen increased student demand – especially within the Everett Branch. In most years the class fills up very quickly. Class starts on January 27th with our first field trip shortly afterwards. So, we want to communicate to all applying students the expectations of the Basic Climbing Class in advance of potential acceptance to the class. Keep this in mind as you complete this application. As instructors, we want ensure that you have the best experience possible where you can learn to climb safely. A big part of accomplishing that goal is your participation and your commitment to the class, your fellow students and the instructors.

One of the many things that the Everett branch offers is a smaller class size (normally limited to 44 students but due Covid-19 constraints it will limited to 20 students in 2021) and great student to instructor ratio. In many cases, you’ll see close to a 1-1 student to instructor ratio. Our instructors are very committed to your success and we invest a lot of time to create a positive learning environment. With this level of instructor commitment, we expect a high commitment from you as well.

This course requires a commitment to the following:

1. 7 remote lectures (via Zoom or MS Teams)
2. 6 field trips; 3 of which are overnight, weekend field trips
3. Many extra hours of reading, study and practice
4. Participation in practice sessions with your fellow students and instructors
5. Passing a mid-term and final exam that includes written and practical elements
6. Successful completion of 3 experience climbs
7. Purchase of climbing gear and possibly basic hiking & backpacking gear
8. A strong level of fitness that will allow you to safely and effectively participate in the field trips and experience climbs
9. A personal commitment to a regular & disciplined training program to ensure the necessary fitness level
10. Day of Trail Service (full day)
11. Navigation course (full day course)
12. Wilderness First Aid & Scenarios (2 ½ day course)

If you take the above items and lay them out in a calendar, you’ll quickly see that completing this class is a serious endeavor (both time and money). Successful completion requires many hours of your time. We want students that can put this in their calendar and commit to everything now. Make a commitment to yourself, your fellow students and the instructors that you’ll be at all the lectures on time, all the field trips and that you’ll practice, study and prepare to be safe and competent on all field trips/climbs. We would also ask that you start (or continue) a fitness regimen that will enable you to be in satisfactory shape to participate in the fields trips and climbs (i.e.: ability to climb uphill with a 45lb overnight pack for up to 10 to 12 hours two days in a row by the start of June.)

Attendance Requirements:

This is a comprehensive introduction to alpine mountaineering. Graduates will develop the fundamental skills necessary to climb alpine peaks in the northwest. We will cover knots, anchors, belaying, rappelling, rock climbing, glacier travel, the fundamentals of self rescue, and crevasse rescue. This course runs approximately five months meeting weekly with several field trips. Attendance at all lectures and field trips, first aid, navigation and completing experience climbs are required for graduation. Participants should be in good cardiovascular shape and be comfortable with basic camping skills.  Everett offers an intimate learning experience with a high instructor to student ratio. This is perhaps the best reason to select this course.

Although the course is demanding, the rewards are great.  The acquisition of these skills opens the door to a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment.  Course graduates are eligible to participate in Club Basic Climbs, Alpine Scrambles and to apply for Intermediate Climbing Course and advanced climbing seminars.

***Please do not sign up for the course unless you can attend ALL field trips and ALL lectures (missing one lecture due to unforeseen circumstances can be arranged).  

Course Schedule - 2021

  • 1/27: Lecture 1*
  • 2/3: Lecture 2
  • 2/6: Fundamentals Practice Session**
  • 2/17: Lecture 3
  • 2/20: Fundamentals Fieldtrip 
  • 3/10: Lecture 4
  • 3/13: Rock 1 Fieldtrip
  • 3/31: Midterm Practical Exam***
  • 4/21: Lecture 5
  • 4/24-25: Rock 2 Fieldtrip
  • 5/12: Lecture 6
  • 5/15-16: Snow 1 Fieldtrip
  • 6/2: Lecture 7
  • 6/5-6: Snow 2 Fieldtrip
  • 6/9: Final Practical Exam***

*Lectures will be conducted over Zoom or MS Teams from 6:30pm to 8:45pm.

**The Fundamentals Practice Session has a location placeholder of the Seattle Program Center.  This will likely change to a park in the greater Seattle/Everett area.  Please block out from 7am - 2pm for this practice session on Sat Feb 6.

***The Mid Term and Final Exams have a location placeholder of the Seattle Program Center.  This will likely change to a park in the greater Seattle/Everett area.  Please block out from 7pm - 8:30pm for these 2 practical exam sessions.

Graduation Requirements

  • Attend all field trips and lectures
  • Successful completion of all field trips
  • Passing score on skills, tests, and on written exams
  • Current Mountaineers membership
  • Current WFA Certification (2.5 day course)
  • Completion of Mountaineers Navigation Module (full day course)
  • Completion of 3 required experience climbs, including at least one glacier and one rock climb by Oct 15th.
  • Day of Trail Service (full day) 
  • Petition the Climbing Committee
  • Climbing Committee Approval
Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Required equipment will be covered in the first lecture.  It will also be listed in the gear matrix in the course handbook handed out the same evening.

Course Materials

You must register for this course to see course materials.