Scrambling Rope Techniques Workshop


Scrambling Rope Techniques Workshop - View Ridge Playfield

A 2-hour skill check session for members who are actively aspiring to qualify as a scramble leader. After signup, participants must complete 2.5 hrs of video instruction, pass a quiz, and have scrambling knots down pat, to attend this skill check session.

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6:45 PM, View Ridge Playfield, Seattle (near the Seattle PC)

(Parking location = 7130 45th Ave NE, Seattle, WA)

Leader permission required -- click on “MORE” to read the whole thing before requesting permission.

This workshop is for members who are actively aspiring to qualify as a scramble leader. There is extensive preparatory activity – 2.5 hrs of self-study materials, plus a quiz, plus self-practice of knots & rope techniques. The 4/17 in-person session is a skill check session – not an introductory workshop in which you are patiently taught the skills – you need to practice the skills down pat on your own.

The workshop covers usage of an emergency descent rope (and a few other lightweight pieces of climbing gear) to aid a frightened participant in descent of scrambling terrain.

In addition to covering knots & rope techniques, the self-study material includes decision-making criteria for determining if the situation & terrain are appropriate for using a rope, alternatives to using a rope, and critical thinking strategies for avoiding usage of a rope.

The 4/17 skill check session is primarily intended for Everett branch aspiring scramble leaders. For members of other branches, availability will depend on # of instructors, which is unpredictable & not guaranteed, but if interested email leader with your background, and where you are at on the path to scramble leader qualification. If we cannot accommodate you at the 4/17 skill check session, we can provide the materials to review.


View Ridge Playfield

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Boots / outdoor clothing
  • Pack
  • Diaper harness
  • Locking carabiner
  • Prusik / Klemheist loop
  • Sling (1” webbing)
  • Practice piece of 5mm or 6mm cord
  • Practice piece of 1” webbing
  • Ice Axe
  • (Sit pad recommended)
  • (Old beater jacket or shirt recommended)
  • (Leather or Gardening gloves recommended)
  • Pencil
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