The Mountaineers 2024 Gala: Adventure with Purpose

The Mountaineers 2024 Gala: Adventure with Purpose

This is a donation page to support The Mountaineers mission in honor of the Gala. For information about participating in the event go to our event page

The Mountaineers is a community united by an appreciation for adventure and driven by a sense of purpose to give back. 

The Mountaineers 2024 Gala: Adventure with Purpose will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2024. 

Join us with a gift in support of donor-funded initiatives at The Mountaineers and Mountaineers Books, including scholarships, volunteer support, conservation & advocacy, youth outreach programs, and more. All funds raised through ticket sales, auction bids, and Raise the Paddle gifts provide unrestricted support to help make the magic of Mountaineers programs possible.

If your life has been positively impacted by  Mountaineers donor-funded initiatives, including volunteer support and leadership development, any of our 650+ book titles, community or family youth programs, need-based scholarships, or our steadfast conservation efforts, please consider making a gift today. 

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