Climbers of Color

Climbers of Color

Support Climbers of Color with a donation today. As its fiscal sponsor, tax-deductible nonprofit donations can be made to Climbers of Color through The Mountaineers.

Climbers of Color is a Washington State non-profit that aims to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the climbing and mountaineering community by creating leaders of color. To accomplish its mission, Climbers of Color provides supportive mentorship, technical training from BIPOC professional guides, and access to key resources including gear and financial sponsorship.

You can support Climbers of Color by making a tax-deductible donation through The Mountaineers. As the fiscal sponsor of Climbers of Color, The Mountaineers passes 100% of the donations to Climbers of Color for use in their mission to transform leadership in mountaineering. 

The Mountaineers® serves as a fiscal sponsor for Climbers of Color. Donor contact information will be shared with Climbers of Color leadership so that they may properly steward your support and will not be shared in any other way. If you do not wish us to share contact information for this purpose, please let us know in the notes section below.

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