Legacy Giving: Summit Society

Legacy Giving: Summit Society

The Mountaineers Summit Society recognizes forward thinking donors who have made provisions for The Mountaineers in their estate plans. Choose from a variety of options that reflect your values and philanthropic goals. Your planned gift commitment today will ensure the strength of The Mountaineers tomorrow.

For over 115 years, The Mountaineers organization, our members, and our publications have had a profound impact on the larger outdoor community. We have aided the growth of outdoor recreation far beyond the Pacific Northwest and many of today’s natural resources exist thanks to actions and activities of Mountaineers members like you.

Heading into the next century, The Mountaineers leaders are committed to building on this foundation and stewarding The Mountaineers legacy by providing generations of today and tomorrow with meaningful outdoor experiences that will ensure a future for conservation.

If you’d like to make arrangements for a legacy gift but are not sure where to start, The Mountaineers has invested in a new resource for members just like you.

New Mountaineers Estate Planning Toolkits

This online resource serves as an education center where you can learn about the many options involved in estate planning. Here you'll find sample bequest language, story examples of giving options, and easy-to-use toolkits designed to help you protect your loved ones, organize everything in one place, and save on your taxes. It's also a great resource to discover how you can create a lasting impact for The Mountaineers, or any organization that has brought value to your life, by planning for a future gift in your will.

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The Summit Society

The Summit Society recognizes forward thinking donors who have made provisions for The Mountaineers in their estate plans. We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for their generosity and forethought, and for including The Mountaineers in their will.


Thomas Allen
Sheridan & Richard Botts
Colin & Jennifer Chapman
Helen & Arnie Cherullo
SuJ'n Chon & Han So
Peter Clitherow & Arvia Morris
Lorna Corrigan
Rich & Martha Draves
Jim and Camelia Dobrick
Cathy Edelman
Robert & Nancy Eschrich
Dale Flynn & Jeanette Mills
Martinique & Eliot Grigg
John & Helen Hansen
Drs. Peter Hendrickson & Nancy Temkin
Raymond Huey
Suzanne Johnston
Michael Kovacs
Dan & Nadine Lauren
Geoff & Peg Lawrence
Pam & Eric Linxweiler
Nancy Lloyd
Steve Payne
Patti Polinsky* & Dave Claar
Travis Prescott
Jordan Roderick
Eric & Susan Schmieman In Memory of Dietrich Schmieman
Judy Sterry
Paul Stevenson & Megan Davis
Brianne L. Vanderlinden
Tom Vogl
Tab* & Anita Wilkins
Anonymous (10)

*in memoriam

In Memoriam

Diane Altwein
Richard & Thelma Berner
George Duncan
Edward Earl
James Henriot
Esther Johnson
Stuart D. Jones
James & Jane Lea
Evie MacDonald
Shirley Olson
Sylvia Peckham
R.L. Puddicombe
Sara Springgate
Helen Strom
Joanne L. Stroup
Marie Wells
Hazel Wilcoxon
Paul Wiseman
Brunhilde Wislicenus
Patricia Young

join the summit society

We hope you will consider becoming part of The Mountaineers Summit Society. If you have already included The Mountaineers in your estate plans, please let us know by completing the Summit Society Intention Form so we can express our gratitude for your generosity and help to ensure it will be utilized in the way you intend. Please reach out to Bri Vanderlinden at briv@mountianeers.org or call (2016) 521-6006.