Sailing Courses

Sailing Courses

Learn to sail with us and you'll have a crew roster with your name on it, and a sailboat ready to set course across the Puget Sound, down the Washington coast, up to the San Juan Islands and maybe even internationally.

Basic Sailing (Crewing) Course

GroupSail.jpgLearn how to be crew a sailboat, rig a sloop-rigged boat, depart from and arrive at a dock under power, understand sail trim and sailboat maneuvering while gaining knowledge of charts and navigation aids, personal gear requirements and safety practices.


In the spring by our Seattle and Tacoma branches. Course registration is typically open February-March.

Badges you can earn

This badge represents successful completion of the Basic Sailing Course. 



SailBoatRainier.jpgBecome comfortable navigating a sailboat on the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) for a day sail or overnight cruise. This course will build on the navigation skills learned in the Mountaineer's Basic Crewing Class including:

  • Tools of the Trade: paper charts, compass, difference between true and magnetic north, plotting aids
  • Dead Reckoning: using speed, time traveled and distance traveled to plan a route.
  • Piloting: using known landmarks, chart information and currents to determine and track your position.


Generally in May-August with Seattle and Tacoma branches.

Badges you can earn

Coastal Navigation



Racing course

This course builds on the skills learned in The Mountaineers Basic Crewing/Sailing Course, and teaches you the skills you need to be able to function as a valued crew member during a sailboat race including:

  • Learning about all three sails typically used in sailboat racing: Main, Genoa, and Spinnaker.
  • The Racing Rules of Sailing, and how they apply during a race.
  • A more in-depth understanding of sail trim and boat speed.
  • Basic personal gear requirements and safety practices encountered during races held in the Puget Sound area.
  • Racing tactics and strategy, and how to apply them during a race, as well as a basic understanding of the anatomy of a sailboat race, from prestart to finish.
  • Sail changes done while under sail.

Typically offered 

Generally in June every other year (even years) with the Seattle branch.

Badges you can earn