Sea Kayaking Courses

Sea Kayaking Courses

Whether in the Puget Sound, San Juans, or west side of Vancouver Island, we have training, day trips, and over-nighters to keep your paddle in the water.



Basic Sea Kayaking

Donna Garland

Learn the skills necessary to safely paddle around Puget Sound and other open waters. The course covers kayak handling techniques, wet exit and solo reentry, paddling/bracing skills and other necessary techniques. Graduation requires attendance at all lectures, all open-water sessions and two club-sponsored paddles.

Typically offered

Courses generally begin in late March to mid April with registration opening in January or February. The Basic Sea Kayaking course is available through the EverettKitsapOlympiaSeattle and Tacoma branches.

Badges you can earn

This badge represents successful completion of the Sea Kayaking Course. 




The Sea Kayaking Course Badge may be granted to members who have applicable experience and can demonstrate proficiency in the relevant skills. Applicants should submit an application that shows they have training or experience that meets or exceeds the requirements for course graduation, and demonstrate, without instruction, a level of competency in sea kayaking knowledge and boat handling skills that is equivalent to that expected of a sea kayak course graduate. To connect with an equivalency coordinator at your branch, please fill out this form.


Intermediate Sea Kayaking

A five-year course for students who want to take their sea kayaking skills to the next level. The course is completed through various seminars, venturing on more challenging paddles, and demonstrating proficiency in skills including but not limited to:

  • Sea kayak handling in windy conditions and dynamic currents.
  • Launching and landing in surf zones
  • Performing kayak rolls in dynamic water conditions
  • Sea kayak basic rescue techniques including t-rescue while in dynamic water conditions, use of tow belt systems and use of VHF radio
  • Sea kayak incident management
  • Sea kayak navigation skills 

The course also requires volunteering a minimum number of hours for the Basic Sea Kayaking Course or more advanced clinics and requires students to have gone on multiple paddles over 12 nm long. 


The course is currently offered through our Tacoma branch (other branches are considering it) and is on rolling enrollment due to the individual seminars that are completed as part of the course. 

Badges you can earn

Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course



ADVANCED Sea Kayaking Clinics

The Sea Kayaking committees also host many single-day or weekend clinics throughout the year to help you master the skills initially acquired through the basic course. Clinics include but are not limited to:

  • Incident Management
  • Surf Zone Basics
  • Navigation & Trip Planning
  • Strokes & Rescues
  • Tidal Currents
  • Roll Practice
  • Wind & Waves

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