Gear Library

Providing access to outdoor gear to support your adventures

The Mountaineers is deeply committed to helping folks explore, learn about, and enjoy the Pacific Northwest. As we seek to promote greater inclusion in the outdoors, our Gear Library is here to make our wild places more accessible. Borrow gear to make your outdoor exploration dreams a reality! The Gear Library is a community resource to make both Mountaineers courses and personal adventure more sustainable and accessible for all outdoor enthusiasts.   

Individuals, families, non-profits, schools, and organized groups can borrow gear for the following activities: 

  • Hiking 
  • Car Camping 
  • Backpacking 
  • Snowshoeing  (for graduates or current students of a Mountaineers snowshoe course)
  • Cross-Country Skiing   (for graduates or current students of a Mountaineers ski course)

Our Gear

The gear library is packed with gear to support you in hiking, backpacking, car camping, snowshoeing, and cross-country ski adventures. We offer outdoor gear and clothing, ranging from a children's size 8 through adult XXXL. 

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The gear library is an asset shared between individuals and community organizations. While we’d love to guarantee that gear will always be available, we can’t currently do that. We have limited quantities of gear and there may be weekends where certain types of gear aren’t available if it’s already all been reserved. Requests are filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

Because snowshoeing and cross-country skiing come with the risks of winter recreation, including avalanches, borrowing those items is currently limited to Mountaineers' course graduates and current students attending course field trips.

Who can rent gear

The Gear Library is open to individuals, families, and organizations located in Washington. We offer a variety of Gear Library cardholders types to fit your needs. There is unlimited use of the gear, pending availability. The fees help us cover the cost of maintaining quality gear. 

  • Individual Adult WA Resident: $30 annual fee, along with a membership contract, Mountaineers membership, and orientation 
  • WA Family: $50 annual fee, along with a membership contract, Mountaineers membership, and orientation
  • Organization Cardholder, including schools and non-profits: $95 fee for 2021! Join us as a gear library member in our first year at this discounted rate.  Program partners must also attend a Gear Library orientation and a training workshop with Washington Trails Association.  

Join as an adult cardholderjoin as a family cardholderJoin as an organizational cardholder 

We don’t want the fee to be a barrier to access. We aim for the Gear Library to be an inclusive, welcoming space, especially for BIPOC communities who have been traditionally excluded in mainstream representations  of outdoor recreation. If the cardholder fee does not work for you or your organization, please email and we will ensure you get a membership. 

Gear Library cards are valid for one year beginning on the date of enrollment. Cardholders need to attend a Gear Library orientation to cover expectations and complete an agreement before borrowing.

How it works

Step 1: Become a Mountaineers gear library cardholder. 

Become a Mountaineers member, if you aren't already. We have a variety of options for membership. Attend a Gear Library orientation to learn about our processes. Sign the Gear Library Contract and join at the right cardholder level for you. 


Step 1.5 for organized groups: (if you are planning on joining the Gear Library as an individual or a family, skip to Step 2)

Build your outdoor leadership skills: attend a leadership workshop with WTA or The Mountaineers. The workshops provide information on how to safely lead your chosen activity, as well as instruction on how to use the gear being borrowed. WTA teaches workshops throughout the year on hiking, camping, backpacking and snowshoeing. The Mountaineers teaches workshops in January about cross-country skiing. 

Note: In addition to their Leadership Training Workshop, WTA also offers a gear library orientation. This is separate from our orientation (see Step 1) and is not required to borrow gear from The Mountaineers Gear Library. To borrow gear from WTA, you must also attend their Gear Library Orientation.

Step 2: make a gear request. 

Gear must be reserved in advance. For large groups ,we recommend reserving a few weeks in advance and for smaller groups or individuals, requesting anywhere from 2 weeks to at least 5 days in advance. Download a request form, fill it out and save a copy that contains your last name and the date, ex. Tennent.12.9.20.xlxs. Email your saved copy to  and we will respond with availability. 


Step 3: Check out gear at the seattle program center.

We want to make sure you are getting all you can out of your gear borrowing experience, including minimizing wait times. For that reason, all gear should be picked up during a scheduled appointment time. Our gear library hours are on Tuesdays from 3 pm - 6 pm  and Thursdays from 3pm - 6pm. 

Step 4: Have a blast outside! 

Step 5: Return the gear clean and dry and start planning your next adventure. 

Supporting the gear library

The support of volunteers, in a variety of ways, makes the Gear Library a stronger program and we appreciate your contributions. Help us by: 

  • Volunteering with the gear library. We always need assistance organizing, inventorying, cleaning and repairing gear. Email or attend an orientation to get started. 
  • Donating gently used gear. We accept gear in good condition that was purchased in 2015 or more recently. Donated gear will either be directly loaned through the Gear Library or resold with the proceeds benefiting the Gear Library. 
  • Donate to The Mountaineers. Gear inevitably wears out and breaks. Financial support keeps our programs running and allows us to purchase new items! 


This resource belongs to the community. It exists so more people can get outside comfortably, safely, and affordably. We want it to work for you. If you have thoughts about how we can improve, please let us know! 



Thank you to Get Outdoors Leadville, Washington Trails Association, and the Outdoor Empowered Network for  sharing their expertise. We are thankful to be a part of the Gear Library community. 

Additionally, a big thank our partner organizations for their continued support: Adidas TERREX, Adventure Medical Kits, Bogs, Cascade Designs, Cocoon, Deuter, Helly Hansen, Jansport, King County, Kovea USA, Nikwax, Outdoor Research, Petzl, Patagonia, Rab USA, REI, Salomon, Sea to Summit, The Moccasin Lake Foundation, The North Face, Vasque, and Wise Owl Outfitters.

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