Upcoming Olympia Branch Courses and COVID-19 Accommodations

Learn about course content and COVID-19 safety accommodations for three upcoming courses at the Olympia Branch.
Dee Ann Kline Parkinson Dee Ann Kline Parkinson
Olympia Branch Leader & Super Volunteer
January 07, 2021
Upcoming Olympia Branch Courses and COVID-19 Accommodations
Dee Ann Kline

As we navigate COVID-19, our priority is to keep our members safe and engaged in the outdoors. The Olympia branch is excited to offer three upcoming courses in January and February; hear from the course chairs on the safety adjustments made, and what you can expect to learn. 


By Wilderness Skills chair Jennifer Goodwin

In response to the demanding personal schedules and the growing diversity of interest of today's outdoors enthusiast, the traditional course structure is  continuously updated and improved. The Olympia Mountaineers created the new Virtual Wilderness skills course to provide a quality introduction to hiking in the backcountry and a foundation for other mountaineering courses and activities of the club.  

For some students, this may be the only course needed to furnish them with the information, skills, and self-confidence to enjoy a lifetime of safe, personally rewarding travel in the backcountry. For others, Wilderness Skills will be the first of many adventures, laying a foundation for scrambling and climbing courses.

  • Course Date:   Jan 16, 30
  • Badge:  Wilderness Skills Course Badge

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Leadership (2).jpg

By Outdoor Leadership chair Marko Pavela

This course is a facilitated discussion of the principles of leadership and Mountaineers expectations for its trip leaders.  There are no field trips so everyone with access to a computer and the internet can participate, safe from their homes.

The course  is designed for individuals interested in leading Mountaineers trips. Participants should expect to gain insights into trip planning, emotionally informed trip leadership, and club norms and expectations for trip leaders.

  • Course Dates: Jan 21, 26, 28
  • Badge:  Mountaineers Leadership  Badge



backcountry ski blog (3).jpeg

By Backcountry Skiing chair Brent Williams

The only change to the Backcountry Skiing Course is the cancellation of a meet-up night. We will still hold three field trips, focusing on:

  1. Familiarizing yourself with your own ski equipment.
  2. Learning and sharing techniques and tips with others to improve your own skill set.
  3. Improving physical stamina to increase your skiing opportunities.

You will learn to transition efficiently from skinning to skiing, learn and practice avalanche beacon searches as a group, and learn about the different backcountry ski locations that are available for accessing as day trips.

  • Dates: Feb 27, Mar 27, Apr 18
  • Badge: Introduction to Backcountry Skiing. Note: You must complete all field trips and graduate from AIARE 1 to receive the badge.