Top 5 Trip Reports - March 2022

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from March 2022.
Issy Steckel Issy Steckel
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April 01, 2022
Top 5 Trip Reports - March 2022

Spring has arrived. Days are getting longer, temperatures are warming up, and flowers are blooming. The iconic UW cherry blossoms usually reach peak bloom during the third week of March, and this year they were perfectly in sync with the official start of spring.

Last weekend, I routed my long run through campus so that I could weave between the cherry blossoms. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who had that idea. Even with all the people, it seemed everyone got to have their own cherry-blossoms-happy-moment. Go check them out if you have a chance. If you can’t make it in person, you can still admire the blossoms on UW Video’s live webcam overlooking the quad. 

From skies that serve up bursts of sun and rain showers in the same hour, to flora that shows off the lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest, we hope you enjoy tagging along on some of our favorite Mountaineers adventures during this dynamic time of year. In this round up we're highlighting the best from various activities, including a Snow Trek and Lunch at Meany Lodge, a winter scramble in the Japanese Alps, a sea kayaking trip filled with wildlife encounters, and more. 

Snow Trek and Lunch 2022 - Meany Lodge - 3/5

Snow Trek and Lunch.jpeg

“The route is not difficult, but it is helpful to have someone who knows it well along. The folks at the lodge are always friendly and welcoming. Lunch was superb!”

Throughout the winter, Meany Lodge hosts treks from Crystal Springs Sno-Park to the lodge for a hot lunch. Read on to learn why this is a beloved Mountaineers tradition. 

Mt. Tengu Winter Scramble - 3/5

Top Trip Report March - Japan.jpeg

“Sustained winds of around 40 mph and gusts well over 50 mph pushed the wind-chill below 0 and made for some interesting route-finding to avoid having to face the wind since we didn't have ski goggles. A handful of parties turned around at the point where you exit the protection of the trees for the last time.”

Enjoy this photo-filled trip report of a beautiful (and terribly windy) day on a very moderate route to the highest summit in the Northern Yatsugatake cluster in Japan, featuring a stop at a mountain hut for hot ramen and coffee. Yum! 

Sea Kayak - Tacoma Narrows - 3/6

Tacoma Narrows.jpeg

“I approached what I thought was a floating log that turned out to be a tiny seal who must have been napping.  She got about two feet from my boat and  her sleepy eyes widened as we stared at each other for a few seconds before she dove under and was gone.” 

Seal lovers, rejoice! Check out the leader's full trip report to hear about a great day on the water.

Day Hike - Mailbox Peak - 3/7


"One note - still way too much trash being left behind on the trail and very happy to have a member of the group that remembered trash bags and cleaned up much of it along the way!”

Friendly reminder to pack it in, pack it out. We're all in this together. Pro tip from this trip report: bring  a trash bag to pick up after others! If you want to learn more about how to #RecreateResponsibly, consider taking our online Low Impact Recreation Course to review Leave No Trace principles, easy-to-implement skills, and more.

Winter Scramble - Mount Wow - 3/12

Mount Wow trip report.JPG

"Gorgeous views in all directions, most particularly of Mount Rainier (that initial view as you reach the summit is probably why they named it Mount Wow ;). A great workout with a variety of conditions and route finding puzzles (made a bit spicier by an incoming afternoon storm)."

You’ll want to plan your own Rainier adventure after reading this trip report

We love reading your trip reports! You can find recommendations for how to write a solid report here

Lead image by Dave Morgan. 

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