Top 10 Trip Reports - October 2023

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from October 2023.
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November 01, 2023
Top 10 Trip Reports - October 2023
Photo by Paul Kallmann.

This collection of trip reports is fruity, unexpected, and teeters (gracefully) the fine line between larches and pow. Read on, dear friends, for a Croatian truffle hunt, how to avoid a terrible whipper, the restricted zone, and a Camp Muir trip report that dangles snowy, wintery candy right in front of our faces. Sure, it's only fall after all, but there's still much to do in this dear and dynamic shoulder season. 

Global Adventures - Croatia’s Seacoast, Islands, and Mountain Parks - 9/22-10/6

tr global.jpeg“The country is even more diverse and lovely than expected.” -Cheryl Talbert 

A crew that traveled on planes, ferries, bikes, and even their own two feet through the generous and diverse landscapes of Croatia. Read on for sleet storms, truffle hunts, peek-a-boo views, bee-keeping, gin-making, and the daily wanderings of this true global adventure.

Sea Kayak - Dungeness Spit - 10/1

tr sea.jpeg“Thanks were exchanged and nobody had any complaints.” -Lisa Johnson 

This trip report welcomed October with the friendliest of hellos. It is calm, inviting, and wraps you in a warm hug of sunshine and friendly lighthouse hosts. Read on for a paddle around Dungeness Spit with the crew that didn’t have any complaints.

Rock Climb - Ingalls Peak/East Ridge - 10/1

tr rock.jpeg“Today was a good exercise in risk assessment and practice bailing off of a route.” -Isley Goa 

You, too, enjoy hiking among the golden forest giants? I guess PNWers never met a larch they didn’t like. Read on for a joyous blue-bird day and a how-to on avoiding a terrible whipper at Ingalls Peak.

Stop the Bleed - EvergreenHealth Medical Center - 10/3

tr aid.png"Stop The Bleed is as important as CPR training", according to Barb Jensen RN - manager of the Evergreen Health trauma unit.

As safety goes, there are few things more important than critical, hands-on, first aid training. Tune in to this trip report for details on the recent Stop the Bleed clinic, and an interactive, online training that could save a life.

Alpine Scramble - South Slide Mountain - 10/8

tr rainy.jpeg"The views of the surrounding peaks with the fall colors more than made up for any minor discomfort in the moment." -Paul Kallmann

There’s something biological about this mountain that makes you have to click into the trip report... right? You’ve got reading to do, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: summer selfies, yellow, orange, and red huckleberry leaves, leisure, and the naming of Heartbreak Hill.

hike - The Grand Canyon's Rim to Rim - 10/12

rim to rim.jpeg"All my conditioning hikes and Mountaineers trips had prepared me well." -Christina Black 

Sit back, relax, and be dazzled by the red rocks and unadulterated taste of  pumpkin spice Pop-Tarts that made for a steady, singe-day push through The Grand Canyon's Rim to Rim

Day Hike - Alaska Lake - 10/21

tr alaska.jpeg“It is a pretty lake and the peaks were reflected in the water.” -Barbara Folmer 

A trip report that fits fall colors, Penstemons, fungi, Pika, and boulder fields all into the same paragraph. It’s fun, fast, most crucially informative, and will have you on the trail to Alaska Lake before your mom, friend, or dog can say “Daylight savings is here!”

Alpine Scramble - Tolmie, Howard, and Florence Peak - 10/21

tr tolmie.jpeg“A great day in the mountains on this 11 hour ‘end of season’ loop.” -Dave Morgan 

There’s nothing like an imminent, evening storm to make you boot, scoot, and boogie on the trail. Read on for a headlamp start, a sighting of neon forest coral, and a quick reference to the Pugetopolis denizens aka my fellow city stayers on a cold and cozy fall day. 

Alpine Scramble - Silver Peak - 10/29

tr scramble.jpeg

"Close, but no cigar." -Krzystof Ostrowski 

Settle in for the spicy, icy terrain, mandatory group selfies, and slippery pine needle carpets that led to an almost-summit of Silver Peak

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Camp Muir - 10/29

tr muir.jpeg

"From Camp Muir, we enjoyed about 2,000' of free and easy skiing on the snowfield." -Paul Brown 

If skiing in October is wrong, then I never want to be right. Tune in to this trip report for the hard and fast realities of the early season: shark-infested snowfields, significant boot packing, and (of course) the fun and fabulous Camp Muir. 

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