Top 10 Trip Reports - November 2023

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from November 2023.
Bayley Stejer Bayley Stejer
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December 01, 2023
Top 10 Trip Reports - November 2023
Comet Falls. Photo by Dave Morgan.

 A collection of trip reports with many opportunities for delight and few opportunities for dismay. Read on, dear friends, for an A-list peak, little feet in sticky sand, a very focused shuffle, and a sneaky October trip report (I know, I cheated) that reminds us of the dear and delicate work to be done in our forests. 

Stewardship - Dry Creek - 10/29

Nov TR 13.jpeg"We did not find what we expected, and had a much more interesting day instead." -Mike Forsyth 

When an e-bike came along and stole the low hanging fruit, this crew rolled up their sleeves and did the challenging, more interesting work instead. Tune in for a day of trail maintenance and stewardship at Dry Creek

Day Hike - Dirty Harry's Peak Trail - 11/1

Nov TR 12.jpeg"Just when we wondered if there’s anything interesting in this tangle of forest, voila..." -Roseanna Lorenzana

Read on for fragile books, a derelict vehicle, autumn colored vine maples, rocks, roots, soft forest duff, and the least interesting part of Dirty Harry's Peak Trail.

Alpine Scramble - West Granite - 11/5

Nov TR 3.jpeg"A firm desire to not succumb to the notion that November is a month taken out of the scrambling and climbing calendar." -Krzysztof Ostrowski

The small but mighty group that took on Granite Peak, and (against all odds) maintained type 1 fun in the November chill. 

Winter Scramble - Klahane Ridge Traverse - 11/10

Nov TR 4.jpeg"A stunning shoulder season traverse with rapidly accumulating snow soon to conceal all signs of the trail." -Dave Morgan

Aaah, a trip report that (finally) tells the tale of winter. Settle in for the 20mph winds, sub-freezing temperatures, avalanche possibilities, and low visibility that made for a blustery scramble at Klahane Ridge. 

Winter Scramble - Cowlitz Gap & Rocks - 11/18

Nov TR 6.jpeg“Could we have lucked out with a temperature inversion?” -Sherrie Trecker

Tune in to the dramatic shoulder season weather and partially failed creek crossings of a winter scramble in Mount Rainier National Park. A scramble referred to as spectacular, lucky, steep, snow covered, and somehow still in darn good shape.

Urban Walk - May Creek, The Highlands & Lake Boren - 11/23

Nov TR 7.jpeg"Today the creek and moss-covered trees were glistening in the sunshine." -Roseanne Lorenzana

I shall call this trip report: An Unearthing of Artifacts on May Creek Trail. Stick around for an insiders look at the Thunder Bus, the remains of a fallen home, and an USPS truck that has fatefully run it's last route. 

Winter Scramble - Cowlitz Gap & Rocks - 11/25

Nov TR 10.jpeg"I think we were all excited for the trip because everyone was early." -Ron Jones

A glorious but crusty climb of the A-list peak: Cowlitz Rocks

Winter Scramble - Comet Falls, Mildred Point Loop - 11/25

Nov TR 11.jpeg… made even better by a sunny spot to enjoy our lunch.” -Dave Morgan

Words I would use to describe this trip report: top-hole, ethereal,  ideal, brill. But hey, don't take it from me. Read on, and I think Comet Falls will speak for itself. 

Sea Kayak - Camano Island - 11/25

Nov TR 8.jpeg"If there was a result choice for 'super successful' this would be it." -Doug Palm

A windless, mudflat-less, and super DUPER successful paddle around Camano Island

Day Hike - Squaxin Park - 11/26 

Nov TR 14.jpeg

"We ended at the playground, set up a camp stove, and in a few minutes were enjoying hot chocolate, chai latte, red velvet cupcakes, and ginger bread people." -Mike Forsyth

Allow me to sum up this trip report: kiddos, the inter-tidal zone, dinosaur tracks, pickleweed. Little feet on the sand. Little feet in deep mud. Little feet in ridiculously little boots. Basically just little feet next to big feet on a beach. It's perfect. 

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