Top 10 Trip Reports - July 2023

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for the most drool-worthy trip reports from June 2023.
Skye Michel Skye Michel
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July 31, 2023
Top 10 Trip Reports - July 2023
Photo by Rio Hoshi.

Summer is well underway in the mountains. The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and the peaks are dressed with stunning, clear-skied views. For this month's Top Trip Reports, take a dunk in the White River, test your perseverance on the approach to Yellowjacket, enjoy the views on the Ptarmigan Traverse, and more!

Alpine Scramble - Kendall Peak, Jul 16


"We started walking back at around 1pm, and made it back to the trailhead by around 3:30pm, for the total of just a little over 6 hours roundtrip." - Krzysztof Ostrowski

Described as "a trip worth repeating," this scramble seemed to exceed expectations with delightful views, courageous attitudes, and far fewer mosquitos and horse manure than anticipated. This report includes some bonus modeling shots of participants looking "cool," "victorious," and "menacing." 

scramble - Extended Ptarmigan Traverse, Jul 1-4

ptarmigan (3).jpg

"I have to say the summit scramble of Dome and the views make it my all time favorite peak in the North Cascades." - Rio Hoshi

The first to break trail in weeks, these scramblers bootpacked their way across the Ptarmigan Traverse, encountering spectacular views, glowing sunsets, ptarmigans, and even some familiar friends who made good use of their bootpacking. If you left a smiling sun balloon on a recent trip, you can thank these scramblers for packing it out with them! 

Climb - Mount Olympus/Blue Glacier, Jul 14-17


"Beautiful, challenging climb with outstanding people!" - Travis Prescott

This trip report provides a very thorough rundown of route conditions, including last water sources, recommendations on where to (or not to) stay roped up, and suggestions on what route options to avoid. It even includes a TLDR if you only want the beta. 

Packrafting - White River: Buckley to Auburn, Jul 15

white river.jpg

“A delight of class II rapids with nearly constant action. 900 CFS was on the low side, but perfectly runnable with no portages if you pick the right channels.” - Logan Degrand

These paddlers enjoyed a pleasant outing with some testy water conditions that put their surface-water-reading skills to good use. Although they had a terrifying encounter with a target shooter, everyone made it out safe and in good spirits. 

Day Hike - Mailbox Peak, Jul 14


"A very fun trek with fellow Mountaineers on a gorgeous day! - Nancy Lloyd

These hikers enjoyed every single step of their hike up the "infamously marvelous rooty, rocky, never ending steep conditions" of the old trail, and even got to partake in a birthday celebration song at the top! 

Intermediate Alpine Climb - Bonanza & Martin Peaks, Jul 2-4


"Bonanza Peak is as much about the journey as the climb; driving 4+ hours (for us), a 3+ hour boat ride, the transport bus, and then you can finally go climbing. Along the way there’s some interesting history and interesting people to meet." - Justin Blackburn

To make the journey to Bonanza a bit easier, the leader of this intermediate alpine climb equipped readers with a detailed itinerary and links to ferry companies, bus schedules, transportation forms, and even some helpful information for bikers.

Sea Kayak - Anderson Island, Jul 16


"Didn't see as many planes as we hoped. Walked the trails accessed by stairs further west along the beach. Composting toilet was in great condition." - Marie Mille

These kayakers enjoyed a lovely paddle to Anderson Island and got to see a few planes from the Joint Base Lewis-McChord air show. 

Day Hike - Lower South Fork Skokomish River, Jul 15


"A mixed use (hiker, horse, bike) trail runs along the valley, through stands of old growth fir, cedar and hemlock. This is a nice five mile section which can be hiked out and back. We recorded about 1,300 feet elevation gain." - Mike Forsyth

On a cloudless and clear day, these hikers enjoyed meandering beneath the shady comfort of the trees and treated themselves to a cool, post-hike feet-dip in Lebar Creek. 

Basic Rock Climb - Ingalls Peak/South Ridge, Jul 15


"Snow levels were significantly lower for this time of year.  The route was nearly snow free with only a few, easily avoidable snow patches on the approach from Lake Ingalls to the notch.  We had brought ice axes but did not need them. There were a few small trickles of water on the way up to the pass, but nothing significant." - Tim Schafermeyer

Snow levels were surprisingly low for this rock climb, and thanks to the breeze, most mosquitos kept their distance. For the descent, these scramblers ended up joining forces with another group for a 2-hour rappel, before heading to the lake for a dip. 

Basic Rock Climb - Yellowjacket Tower/East Flank, Jul 8


"Yellowjacket is one of those climbs that everyone after the climb says 'I'm glad I did, and I hope to never come back.' Of course until you forget after 5 years and do come back..." - Don Sarver

These courageous climbers made it through Yellowjacket's infamous treacherous gully, aka "natures garbage chute," full of sand and loose rock, for a rewarding day of climbing in 90-degree weather. As an added bonus, this trip report also includes helpful photos on gear placement and rappel stations.

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