Top 10 Trip Reports - July 2018

Throughout July, you went on some amazing adventures. We picked 10 of our favorite trip reports to highlight a small slice of the fantastic climbing, sailing, kayaking, and hiking you accomplished!
Trevor Dickie Trevor Dickie
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August 02, 2018
Top 10 Trip Reports - July 2018

Picking the best 10 trip reports from an entire month of Mountaineers activities and courses isn't easy. Especially when that month is July. Mountaineers are out adventuring, and seemingly, only pause between trips when it's time to report on them. 

Our top 10 is made up of five reports in the climbing category, one scramble, one report each for kayaking and sailing, and two reports from day hikes. 

You can find recommendations for how to  write a solid report here. The following write-ups are listed in the date that the trips occurred, not ranked in any way. Click on the photos to read the full reports from the volunteers and members. 

 Day Hike - Mount Rose 7/4


"Spotted Rainier, Adams, and could barely make out St. Helens in the distance. Nice breezes, no rain. Saw several giant, black, oblong hovering flies about 1.5 inches long just below the summit while we ate brunch. They appeared to be watching us, but fortunately didn't attack or try to take our food."

Nancy Lloyd’s report on a hike of Lollipop Loop details a good way to spend Independence Day!

climb - glacier peak 7/10


“Despite the early hour of the day, the rock face below Disappointment Peak was already breaking off so we moved as quickly as possible below that section and our track was safely below the rocks we saw falling out. This is an area where any delay should be avoided and a wide berth path is necessary.”

Emma Agosta detailed her groups’ climb of Glacier Peak and got fantastic photos every step of the journey.

Scramble - Mt. Deception & Mt. Clark 7/19


“The standard route to the Deception-Martin saddle was easily visable from our campsite, but we have to figure out the rest of our route after that. It was easy when traveling on the snow. Crampons were probably not necessary, but they did add some protection as the slope got steeper.”

Susan Shih’s description of the scramble has great annotated photos and informative beta about route conditions. Wonderful resource if you're considering an attempt at the route.

Kayak - Doe island 7/20


“After setting up our camp we sat on a warm rock ledge to admire the scenery and watch the water activity as we ate our dinner. We saw an otter along with numerous seals. “

Lisa Johnson’s kayak weekend sounds pretty perfect. With the weather we’ve been getting around Washington lately, who wouldn’t want to be on the water for a weekend?

 climb - sloan peak/corkscrew route 7/21


“The bear hug step. This picture makes it look way more exposed than it really is. There's nothing particularly technical about this climb, but WOW! It's got  a little bit of everything and provides a truly alpine experience. For those new to mountaineering in the Cascades, this climb gives you a taste of what you're going see - river crossings, bushwhacking, route-finding, glaciers, rock scrambling to the summit, and stellar views - all in one very manageable climb.”

“Nothing particularly technical about this climb,” Alright Colin, we believe you, but that picture is sending mixed messages. Regardless, a fantastic trip report from what looks to have been a worthwhile outing. Filled with useful photos and helpful information, it's another good planning resource.

Hike - Surprise Mountain 7/22


“We enjoyed a relaxing lunch at the day use area at Surprise Lake. The temperature was perfect, the lake gorgeous and clear, and we only had to swat mosquitoes about half the time.  After the leader unsuccessfully searched for the elusive backcountry toilet, we began our descent.”

Backcountry toilets are never easy to find. Good or bad thing? Not sure. Though Beth Morrigan’s hike to surprise lake was cut a little short, it sounds like they made the most of the day.

Climb - mcmillan spire/west ridge 7/23


“Camp is one of the best high elevation camps we ever saw. A flat wide gravel area with a stream running through it and 3 distinct bivy areas with rock walls. Good for multiple groups of climbers.”

Emma Agosta’s back with her second report on the list, this time from McMillan Spire. From her description and photos, that camp seems ideal in almost every way. A climber’s dream.

climb - mt. baker/coleman-deming 7/26


“Since it’s been warm this past week, I expect conditions will be changing quickly. We saw a few groups leave Hogsback Camp unroped, as the first section on snow is pretty mellow, but we were glad to be roped up as we made our way to Black Butte camp and encountered crevasses.”

It was a warm July in Washington. For glaciers, that means mid-season is the new late-season. Michelle's report detailed what the sun has been doing to our volcanoes in the last month. 

climb - glacier peak 7/29


“We spent a glorious half hour on top, and then re-traced our route down in the sun, and were back in camp by 3:00pm. On the way down, the snow was getting soft enough for good plunge steps, but not too sloppy. The rest of the day, we lounged around camp eating, taking naps in the shade of boulders, and soaking our feet in the ice-melt pools. Paradise.”

That sounds like exactly how climbers should spend their time shortly after a summit! Steve’s write-up made clear his group knows how to relax in the mountains.

sail - esther, port of edmonds marina 7/29


"’Where's the head and clew?’ Whoops, someone had taken the spinnaker home to dry it out from it's last shrimping expedition, and now it was just stuffed in the turtle. Foredeck got it hooked up, but now we were gambling with an unknown chute situation. Would it hour-glass, would it tangle? Were we doomed? Dear reader, you will find out soon enough.”

Carl Harrington knows how to keep a report entertaining, and his race out of Edmonds was filled with competition—read about it yourself. As far as aquatic storytelling goes, this one is right up there with Moby Dick.