Top 10 Trip Reports - August 2023

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from August 2023.
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September 01, 2023
Top 10 Trip Reports - August 2023
Photo by Lisa Elliott.

One thing I am absolutely sure of: August has FLAVOR, and these Mountaineers seem quite sure of that too. Read on, dear friends, for a tale of three wives, summiting Rainier's least favorite peaks, a bear's lunch, and the art of knowing when not to YOLO it.

backpack - wonderland wildflowers, suspension bridges and the history of indian henry - 8/1

Lisa Elliott 2.jpeg

"A backpack anywhere on the Wonderland is a time to ponder footsteps that came before you." -Lisa Elliott

Settle in for the story of So-To-Lick's "Boston" name, a "how-to" on packing time in your backpack, as well as the mild conditions (and full moon) that put a tickle in my toes to get out on the trail. 

Day hike - Lake george and gobblers knob - 8/3

Nancy Lloyd 2.jpeg

"I speculated that maybe it is still a parking lot... for unexpected visitors from far, far away." -Nancy Lloyd

This day hike will knock your socks right off! (But only if you enjoy unobstructed views of Mount Rainier and casually muse about the Earth-side landings of UFO's... which honestly, who doesn't?). My socks are on the other side of the living room. 

day hike - malcom mountain loop - 8/4

David Judish 1.jpeg

"Humans encountered: 0." -David Judish

Leave the trail mix at home for this day hike! Mother Nature has you covered. Follow this trip report through the sweet solitude and abundant berry bushes of Malcom Mountain. I think this group was one purple fingertip away from flying a bit too close to the sun. 

basic glacier climb - sahale peak/quien sabe glacier - 8/4

Will Tooker 1.jpeg

"... with no issues and no rush." -Will Tooker

This trip report slurps you in, stings you with the swift prick of a yellow jacket, and spits you back out on the Sahale Summit. Come eat a snack, see a marmot, and have a chat with the crew that had no issues and was in no rush. 

alpine scramble - wallace and tirzah peaks - 8/5

Kurt Mallery 1.jpeg

"This would be the first of two summit registers with very few pages of entries, letting us know just how rarely this part of the park is visited."  -Kurt Mallery

You've lived in Washington your whole life and have never heard of Wallace or Tirzah Peaks? Yeah, me too! Follow this group's journey into the unpleasant and fairly untouched terrain of Rainier that had them practicing their off-trail navigation skills from start to finish. 

alpine scramble - fifes ridge - 8/10

Susan Shih 1.jpeg

"'s 50/50 - pick your poison."  -Susan Shih

A trip report that warns of exposed trail and tosses around words like "gendarme." Don't worry, I googled it for you. A gendarme is a pinnacle of rock on a mountain originating from the French Alps where they were seen to resemble the gendarmerie police. Okay, you're welcome... Now off (to the trip report) you go! 

basic glacier climb - sahale peak/quien sabe glacier - 8/11

David Johnson 1.jpeg

"Nearing the glacier, we got above the clouds."  -David Johnson

If breaking through the clouds is beautiful, then this trip report must be closer to bliss or a little bit of Mountaineers magic! (P.S. I like it when trip reports have more pictures than my wide, jealous eyes know what to do with. So, this one was a real treat! Saving it in my album for a rainy day and I suggest you do, too). 

alpine scramble - pyramid peak - 8/13 

Nancy Lloyd 1.jpeg

"He looked at us with zero interest, and within minutes he skipped across the trail and continued munching on the other side." -Nancy Lloyd

Get those senses ready folks! I mean, seriously, all of them. Reading this trip report will have you smelling the Columbines and tasting the unadulterated glory of watching a bear munch his modest lunch. 

basic glacier climb - mount shuksan/sulphine glacier - 8/13 

Travis Prescott 1.jpeg

"The Sulphide Glacier is largely bare ice now, which has pushed the route far to the climber's left. This left us to the base of a large section of rock (6,700 ft.) where we begrudgingly unroped and took our crampons off."  -Travis Prescott

Let's call this one: An Ode to Carefully Throwing in the Towel (For Now). 

day hike - Summerland and rainier overcrowding - 8/16

Lisa Elliott Photo 1 - Copy.jpeg

"Proud to be part of The Mountaineers." -Lisa Elliott

This goes without saying, but we're proud to be in community with you, too. Okay, now that we're all warm and fuzzy: read this trip report for a reflection on 70's rock festival's as well as a brief reminder of Leave No Trace Principles that can reduce our impact on the lands we work, learn and play. 

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