Foothills Branch Leadership Opportunities - 2016

The Foothills Branch is looking for new voices and leaders to step in and bring fresh ideas and energy to the Eastside community. You don't need to have been a member for very long or even have experience leading a committee; just a passion for The Mountaineers and the ability to listen and solve problems.
Steve LeBrun Steve LeBrun
Foothills Branch Chair
June 21, 2016
Foothills Branch Leadership Opportunities - 2016
Support our Leaders!

The Foothills Branch has been growing at a rapid pace the past two years, and our success calls for more support to coordinate our many activities sponsored by branch volunteers. Please consider supporting our volunteers, who have provided trips for 600 activity participants so far this year (already 250 more than last fiscal year)!

The Branch is looking to fill the following positions as soon as possible. In general, you don't need any specialized experience, just a desire to serve The Mountaineers community in the Foothills Branch - all are encouraged to apply! 


FILLED (THanks Chris Soverel!)

The Branch Treasurer supports the Branch Chair and committees by supporting the building, communication, approval and oversight of annual budgets, the development of annual course pricing and investment proposals, and the processing of check requests and reimbursement requests for Foothills volunteers. The treasurer may also choose to play an active role in Mountaineers financial decisions as a participant in Finance Committee meetings. 


The Branch Chair helps to set the direction and secure resources for the Foothills Branch, in close cooperation with the Branch officers and activity committees, to help its volunteers serve its membership with safe and inspiring activities, courses, events and experiences tailored to the needs and interests of its members and communities. Learn more: 

Branch Chair POsition


The Foothills Branch Secretary/Communications chair is responsible for working with the branch and activity committee chairs to develop email-blast communications to branch members, for generating agendas and meeting notes from branch meetings, and for maintaining  a high quality of communications on our branch website.  Learn more:

Secretary/Communications Officer

membership/community relations OFFICER 

The Foothills Branch Membership/Community Relations officer is responsible for helping the branch develop and maintain relationships with relevant people and organizations in our local communities, for helping the branch understand member needs and satisfaction in our communities, and for developing and delivering programs and events that satisfy member interests and needs.  Learn more:

Membership and COmmunity Relations

Volunteer Leadership Chair

The Foothills Branch Volunteer Leadership chair is responsible for working with the Mountaineers Leadership Development Manager and the Foothills branch and activity committee chairs to help assess strategic needs for volunteer leaders to meet future branch goals, to assess leader satisfaction, to help with documentation of leader qualifications and equivalency requirements, and to assist in planning effective volunteer-leader recruitment, development, and recognition.   Learn more:

                volunteer leadership chair position

Support and Reporting

Each position works with a committee of dedicated and friendly Branch Council members who share a love of The Mountaineers and work together as a team. In addition, Mountaineers staff are available to answer questions and support anyone in the position.

How to Apply

Click on the links above to read more about each position. We've tried to describe the support you would receive, the nature of each role, and the way in which you would be adding to the mission of the organization. You can also learn who to reach out to if you have additional questions. You won't be doing this in isolation or without support! 

All members with sincere interest and realistic time to commit to these roles are encouraged to apply! The Mountaineers is growing, but we can't do it without great volunteer leadership!

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