Celebrate Spring With Birds, Flowers, and Mounds - May Events

The Olympia Naturalist Committee is offering three activities to showcase the spring beauty of the Northwest. Join us for a Birds of the Northwest Talk & Walk and evening wildflower walks through McLane Creek and Mima Mounds.
Dee Ann Kline Dee Ann Kline
Olympia Branch Leader & Super Volunteer
April 24, 2019

Our Mountaineers naturalist committees offer opportunities to learn about the plants, animals, marine life, and geology of the Pacific Northwest. To help you get involved, the Olympia Naturalist Committee is offering new activities in May and June to help you learn more about the birds of our region.

Birds of the Pacific Northwest

Spring and early Summer can be a busy time for the PNW birder. Join Seattle Ornithologist and Mountaineers member Thomas Bancroft for a 2-hour workshop. Participants can join us on a local birding field trip after the workshop.

Thomas has been a birder all of his life and has a PhD in Ornithology. He's served as chief scientist for the National Audubon Society, ,and recently completed a 6-year term on the board of the Washington State Audubon Society. He's an active Seattle Mountaineers Naturalist leader and teaches frequent classes for the Washington Ornithological Society.

Talk: Wed, May 15, 6-8pm; Olympia Center
Walk: Thurs, May 30, 6pm; Nisqually Wildlife Refuge 
Walk: Sun, June 9, 9am; Scatter Creek Wildlife Area

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McLane Creek Nature Walk  May 6

Beautiful wildflowers don't bloom only in the summer. The PNW has a spectacular spring wildflower season. Join Becky Andrade from the Olympia Naturalist Committee for a very leisurely paced evening walk exploring the beauty of McLane Creek. Families are welcome.      

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Mima Mounds Nature Walk May 13, 5:30 pm

South Puget Sound is blessed with a unique prairie ecosystem that comes into bloom in the spring. Join Dee Ann Kline from the Olympia Naturalist Committee in a leisurely paced evening walk through the Mima Mounds. We will observe the beautiful spring bloom and debate the theories of the formation of the mounds. Families are welcome.

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