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Winter Scramble - Upper Lena Lake, Mt Bretherton & Mt Lena

This entire area is very beautiful and well worth visiting and both peaks are fun scrambles with stunning views.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The 6 of us left the Lena Lake TH at about 8am.  We made it to Lena Lake around 9:45am and took a break on a large rock above the lake.   The weekend was supposed to be beautiful according to several forecasts.The trail to Upper Lena Lake was in better shape than I remembered.   The stream crossing that gave me trouble before was just an easy walk across this time of the year.We arrived at Upper Lena Lake at 12:30pm after a couple breaks.   The sign at the lake with the camping rules and picture of the camping sites.  Down at the lake's edge with good views of Bretherton's false and true summit.  It's beautiful here and so warm for early November.We visit many campsites before choosing campsite #3.  The original plan was to scramble Mt Lena after setting up camp and lunch, but we decide to do Mt Bretherton instead as it's the harder of the 2.  Class 3 with a little longer approach.    Around 2:30pm we take off, circling the lake counter-clockwise.   We must climb and cross over a rib as shown in the this photo.  Getting down the other side with its steep drop off took a little maneuvering.  This is why there is no trail around the lake.  The peak in this photo is the false summit.Once on the other side we follow a mossy draw up while watching for patches of ice.As we get higher, we encounter more snow which slows us down.The views are more beautiful the higher we get and we think the summit is now visible.  Unfortunately, it's just another false one.Looking down at Milk Lake and Upper Lena Lake.Once on the ridge, it's really fun and views amazing.Photo below is the crux on the route which is almost below the summit.  It's exposed here, but with careful footing we have no problems.Summit success at around 4:45pm!Such beautiful views!  Brothers, Mt Constance, Milk and Upper Lena Lake.Mt Lena, where we're headed next day.Rainier, St HelensAdmiring the views.By 5pm we're headed down trying to beat the sunset.  Sun setting behind Mt Stone.Looking back.It's dark by the time we're back in the draw and going back around the lake continuing going counter-clockwise.  Rochelle takes this great photo of the moon behind Mt Bretherton's false summit.It's back to standard time next day so  we sleep in later before getting up for Mt Lena.    Sunrise over our campsite.Mt Lena is supposed to be an easy Class 2 scramble.    We're off around 8:30am.Some bushwacking finally gets us to the creek bed we'll take up.  It's another beautiful day.We made an error near the summit.  We should have taken the route shown in red instead of blue as it was steeper with more brittle rock.   On the return, we just plunged stepped down the choss that was near the summit.Views from Mt Lena were beautiful as well.  The Brothers were just across the way.  Better view of Mt Constance.Mt Bretherton, Upper Lena Lake, Milk Lake.Mt Stone.The group right below the summit where the views are actually better.Past the choss, continuing down and the views continue.By the time we're back at our cars it's dark.   Some stop for dinner at the Model T Pub and Eatery in Hoodsport before heading back.  

    About 22 mi/7777' gain.  Track from Albert S.

    Such a nice weekend  in a beautiful area with a great group!

    Thanks to Rochelle Garcia for the use of many of her photos.



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