Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Upper Lena Lake, Mt Bretherton & Mt Lena

This entire area is very beautiful and well worth visiting and both peaks are fun scrambles with stunning views.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The 6 of us left the Lena Lake TH at about 8am.  We made it to Lena Lake around 9:45am and took a break on a large rock above the lake.   The weekend was supposed to be beautiful according to several forecasts.20191102_094709.jpgThe trail to Upper Lena Lake was in better shape than I remembered.   The stream crossing that gave me trouble before was just an easy walk across this time of the year.20191102_103844.jpgWe arrived at Upper Lena Lake at 12:30pm after a couple breaks.   The sign at the lake with the camping rules and picture of the camping sites.  Inked20191102_124245_LI.jpgDown at the lake's edge with good views of Bretherton's false and true summit.  It's beautiful here and so warm for early November.Inked20191102_124527_LI.jpgWe visit many campsites before choosing campsite #3.  20191103_081437.jpgThe original plan was to scramble Mt Lena after setting up camp and lunch, but we decide to do Mt Bretherton instead as it's the harder of the 2.  Class 3 with a little longer approach.    Around 2:30pm we take off, circling the lake counter-clockwise.   We must climb and cross over a rib as shown in the this photo.  Getting down the other side with its steep drop off took a little maneuvering.  This is why there is no trail around the lake.  The peak in this photo is the false summit.Inked20191103_082858_LI.jpgOnce on the other side we follow a mossy draw up while watching for patches of ice.20191102_150022.jpg20191102_150644.jpgAs we get higher, we encounter more snow which slows us down.IMG_2964.jpgThe views are more beautiful the higher we get and we think the summit is now visible.  Unfortunately, it's just another false one.20191102_160756.jpg73227373_10157487642063444_1500607044317609984_n.jpgLooking down at Milk Lake and Upper Lena Lake.20191102_162412.jpgOnce on the ridge, it's really fun and views amazing.20191102_160926.jpgPhoto below is the crux on the route which is almost below the summit.  It's exposed here, but with careful footing we have no problems.IMG_2965.jpgSummit success at around 4:45pm!20191102_165249.jpgSuch beautiful views!  Brothers, Mt Constance, Milk and Upper Lena Lake.20191102_165353.jpgMt Lena, where we're headed next day.20191102_165347.jpgRainier, St Helens20191102_165019.jpgAdmiring the views.20191102_165825.jpgBy 5pm we're headed down trying to beat the sunset.  Sun setting behind Mt Stone.20191102_173625.jpgLooking back.74687798_10157487642428444_8513134014037491712_n.jpgIt's dark by the time we're back in the draw and going back around the lake continuing going counter-clockwise.  Rochelle takes this great photo of the moon behind Mt Bretherton's false summit.IMG_2983.jpgIt's back to standard time next day so  we sleep in later before getting up for Mt Lena.    Sunrise over our campsite.20191103_064158.jpgMt Lena is supposed to be an easy Class 2 scramble.    We're off around 8:30am.20191103_084016.jpgSome bushwacking finally gets us to the creek bed we'll take up.  It's another beautiful day.Inked20191103_091408_LI.jpg20191103_092213.jpgWe made an error near the summit.  We should have taken the route shown in red instead of blue as it was steeper with more brittle rock.   Inked20191103_091408_LI.jpgOn the return, we just plunged stepped down the choss that was near the summit.20191103_113818.jpgViews from Mt Lena were beautiful as well.  The Brothers were just across the way.  20191103_111328.jpgBetter view of Mt Constance.20191103_111622.jpgMt Bretherton, Upper Lena Lake, Milk Lake.20191103_111415.jpgMt Stone.20191103_111519.jpgThe group right below the summit where the views are actually better.20191103_113403.jpgPast the choss, continuing down and the views continue.20191103_115512.jpgBy the time we're back at our cars it's dark.   Some stop for dinner at the Model T Pub and Eatery in Hoodsport before heading back.  

    About 22 mi/7777' gain.  Track from Albert S.20191106_070551 (1).jpg

    Such a nice weekend  in a beautiful area with a great group!

    Thanks to Rochelle Garcia for the use of many of her photos.