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West Tiger Mountain 1-2-3

Due to blockage of the upper Tiger 1 Trail by a large group of blowdowns and 12+ inch deep snow on the Tiger 1 summit, the route was changed so that our group gained the West Tiger summit ridge at the #2 summit, making the trip a Tiger 2-1-2-3 loop. During the ascent we started to encounter intermittent snow at 1800’, and continuous snow at 1900’. There was about 1” - 5” of snow on most of the road connecting the three summits, with occasional bare patches. Conditions were slippery in spots, and most of the group elected to use traction devices during part or all of the time we were on snow. Warming temps throughout the day meant that tree bombs and dripping snowmelt were an issue along the ridge and during the descent.

The full sun, clear sky, moderate temperatures, snow frosting, and total absence of wind made for a pleasant time on the summit ridge. Our group ate lunch at the bench outside the Climbers Hut near the #1 summit while enjoying views that extended to the Olympics. After admiring the Christmas decorations inside the Hikers Hut we traversed the length of the ridge to the #3 summit then descended via the TMT, K-3, and High Point trails.

The large washed out bridge along the TMT near its intersection with the High Point Trail was easily circumnavigated via a perfectly-sized piece of lumber thoughtfully placed across the stream about 30 feet south of the bridge.

Elapsed Time: 6:10 (approx). Elevation gain/loss: 3100’ (approx).


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