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Umtanum Ridge

  • Mon, Apr 13, 2015
  • Umtanum Ridge
  • Day Hiking

This trip originally scheduled for a route on I-90 but changed to Umtanum Ridge to avoid snow and avy hazard from later winter storm in the Cascades. This location East of the Cascade Crest was dry and warm-ish with partial blue skies but with an overcast that came in late in the day. The trail is in good shape and there were no issues on the hike. Conditions were cold and breezy on the summit so the group opted not to linger there and instead to have lunch in a small knoll just below. We were fortunate to have a professional ornithologist in our group who graciously identified kestrels, hawks, owls, and other feathered fauna.

Though there were no issues with the hike itself, one of the three cars in our carpool overheated on the way up to Snoqualmie Pass and made it only as far as Travelers Rest. Our group of nine was able to combine into the two remaining cars and continue the trip. Afterwards the ailing vehicle was able to make it back to Issaquah by driving slowly and making a few stops along the way, with the two healthy vehicles following along to lend support. All arrived at the P&R safely but later than expected (5pm).