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Tower Mountain & Golden Horn

9/26-9/27. We had a good weather window per the forecast. Hiked in at 6am on Saturday, got to camp in about 5 hours. With a group of 8, we sent 4 people to Tower and 4 to Golden Horn. A few people were able to climb the Golden Horn summit block even though it was a bit wet and icy. The Tower group hunkered down in the cave for a couple hours waiting for a slow group to come down who were knocking a lot of rockfall down the gully. The Tower group bailed back to camp after a couple hours. Reports from others said the first group of the day turned back due to ice and the 2nd group thought it was pretty sketchy. A small snowstorm rolled in while we were on Golden Horn and we went back to camp in a white out. Temps then dropped 20 degrees lower than forecast (into the teens that night). With the extra layer of snow and ice and subfreezing temps we decided to sleep in and bail on trying to do early morning climbs on Sunday given how icy it still was in late afternoon the first day. Woke up to freezing temps and sunny skys on Sunday and had a nice hike out. Larches were just starting to turn color.