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Stillaguamish Peak

(trip on May 30 2015)
We followed the Perry Creek trail towards Mt Forgotten until nearly 4400' elevation. Rather than miss the climber's trail towards Stillaguamish, we scrambled at 340deg up towards that trail. This worked well though it became somewhat steepish near the top. There's a good climber's trail almost to the summit block. It was fairly entertaining as it dipped and swerved following the irregular ridgetop. Hopping over the ridge there is a somewhat exposed short traverse (two or three viable choices) before angling up to the surprisingly large flat summit and great views in many directions.

On the way down we followed the climber's trail until it intersected with the main "Forgotten" trail. This was over 4x longer and took longer to walk even though we were headed downhill. Overall a pleasant moderate scramble.