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Sea Kayak - Budd Inlet

Mid-October Budd Inlet Paddle

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Trip Report, Budd Inlet 10/20/17, Mentored Paddle for Janet Beagley

 John Dunlap mentored me on a Budd Inlet paddle Friday 10/20/17.  The original plan for the paddle was to launch from Boston Harbor at 9:30 am and take advantage of the ebb tide through Dana Passage. We then planned to travel up the east side of Harstene Island to McMicken Island. With a mid-day low, we would then have the flood tide to aid us in our return.

The wind forecast forced me to seriously consider this route. A SW wind 16-17 knots with gusts up to 25 knots, along with rain, was predicted for Friday afternoon.  As I was concerned about crossing Dana Passage in these conditions, I considered alternate trips out of Boston Harbor. Henderson Inlet was considered but discounted because of the winter regulations against stopping at Woodard Bay as well as the concern about coming back through Dana Passage against high winds. As other options out of Boston Harbor would mean going against the tides in both directions, I opted to change the location of the paddle to West Bay Park.

Five of us launched from West Bay Park at about 9:45 a.m. The wind (which was more southerly than predicted) and the ebb took us swiftly north along the west shore of Budd Inlet. We explored Butler Cove and Tykle Cove, and decided the statue just past Tykle Cove would be our turn around spot. I had anticipated a much longer return journey against the wind, however the wind both decreased and shifted to the SW (it’s predicted direction) right about the time we decided to turn around. We headed back south straight down the west side of the Budd Inlet, crossing the mouths of Tykle and Butler Cove.  The day gave a glimpses of sunshine interspersed with short downpours, and beautiful fall colors along the shore.