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Palisades Peak & Marcus Peak

Trip on 10/12/2014. Skipped Palisades to do more strenuous loop traverse of Marcus and Grand Park via ridge NW of Marcus. We ascended Marcus by going past Hidden Lake to low point between Marcus and Palisades. From there traversed to NW ridge and used meandering route that stayed mostly on SW side of ridge and crest (slow going due to loose moist rock covered with lichen, snow, and ice). Terrain along traverse of NW ridge towards Huckleberry Creek was good, but a bit brushy when descending Elk trails to reach Huckleberry Creek trail at ~4200'. Ascent to Grand Park along Elk trails had very little brush using ridge crest just South of stream leaving Cold Basin. Reached Frozen Lake trail intersection as last light of day left for 1.5 hour hike by headlamp along Sourdough ridge trail to cars at Sunrise point. Total trip was ~5000', ~20 miles, and ~13 hours.
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