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Mount Teneriffe/Serendipity Ridge

  • Thu, Oct 16, 2014
  • Mount Teneriffe/Serendipity Ridge
  • Scrambling

We had great conditions for this trip, with cloud tops around 3500-4000', and brilliant sun above. Alas, since the last time i did this scramble, the trail has been build/rebuilt so it pretty much goes to the summit now. to get folks some credit for an actual scramble, we diverted off the trail at the tree line, and went over to the edge of the south face, where there was some decent scrambling.

returning down, we took the new trail that's been built to the north of the summit, which joins up with the logging road, for a painless descent.

all things considered, while this is a nice trip, it's no longer really a scramble, so we should remove it from the scrambles list.