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Mount Olympus/Traverse

Photos for 7/27/14-8/1/14 trip can be seen at:
Beautiful weather was mixed blessing due to elevated temperatures on days 1-4. Due to extra time needed to 'stay cool', most days were 12 hour affairs as can be seen by times on photos. Unsure whether the Ludden Peak Ridge or Scott-Ludden Saddle approach is best. Ascending the Ludden Peak East Ridge should be compared with a descent of the Crisler's Ladder route. Did not use rope on Ludden Peak Ridge. Day 2 camp to east of Mt Childs seemed to do good job of equalizing length of days 2 and 3 (each about 12 hours). Some surprisingly steep terrain on descent from Blizzard Pass to Camp Pan with impressive crevasses. All in all, the trip of a lifetime.


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