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Mount Baker Lower Coleman Glacier & Seracs

August 1 & 2, 2015: Combo intermediate Ice 1 & 2 fieldtrip at Coleman Glacier:

Started the hiking approach at 8:15 am; arrived at Heliotrope Ridge 2 hours later. The weather was sunny, dry trails, and the stream crossings (3) were do-able.
After quite a bit of searching we found the large campspot and all set up tents there.
We then walked down to the glacier via a trail that started at that campspot, and once at glacier level traversed upwards along the edge of it till we found an appropriate flat area for initial practice.
The team practiced until about 6pm, then we headed back for dinner etc.
On Sunday we started heading back to the glacier at 7:10 am, this time entered a bit higher up for some steeper sections and practiced till 12:30 pm.
We returned to camp, packed everything up and headed back down the trail. We arrived at the trailhead shortly before 4pm.

The conditions on the glacier were warm (mid seventies), light wind, lots of water streams coming off the glacier. There was no snow for at ~ another 2000 feet. Expect the ropes and gloves to be drenched during the practice.
We didn't have any serious injuries - just a few bumps and scrapes and the team successfully completed the field trip requirements.