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McGregor Mountain

Sept 20th, 2014. Took the trail to Coon lake and then the in numerous switch backs up past Heaton Camp. There is a very good water source after climbing ~ 4000’ to the right of the trail. The approach trail is easy to follow (first ~ 5,000’)– a bit bushy as you get up higher. There were some mudslides earlier this year, which wiped out a few small sections of switch backs. Easy to see pick up the trail on the other side of the mudslides. At one point, the mudslide took off the end of a switch back, so look all around if you don’t see the trail as it might be taking a U turn. The final approach involves crossing a talus field and then going up rock – with several ledges that has significant exposure. Care should be taken to stay right on route as it gets pretty dicey if you get off route. The red arrows that were painted several years ago are in varying states of fading – so don’t count on them 100% for navigation. Since last year, there has been a significant increase in loose rock – and the talus field rockers are looser. Might have been the ‘mudslide’ the ranger told us about stirred up things. We met a total of 4 other people on the trail in spite of it’s being glorious weather and fantastic views. We took our time and enjoyed the views immensely. If you want photos that include the scramble route, the best ones I have seen is the Aug 31, 2009 trip report on WTA by Alpine Andy. Note that his report was before the mudslides – and the red arrows have faded since then. 12 hours.