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Lichtenberg Mountain

Trip 9/21/14:

Trip start 8 am due to traffic issue on the drive.
- 522 is in major construction phase; we lost 30 min at a light. Check road conditions. Lost another 30 min at an accident.
- Trail parking easy to find; no passes needed. Smith Brook trail to PCT ~45 min; PCT to start of climbers trail at Valhalla Lake ~1 hour.
- Climbers trail easy to find; steep decline to the lake; some bush wacking; ~30 min to base of lake
- Starting then there is no trail, no cairns. I saw 3 possible routes up. #1 - steep, high danger of rockfall (T4); #2 similar; #3 - approach via lower level bushes (T3). Started to take that route; getting to it involves ~1/2 hour of bushwacking and climbing over boulders.
- Due to late start and slow progress, decided to turn around at 5100 ft.
- Estimated time to summit from base of that route 2 - 3 hours depending on how good the team is scrambling/bushwacking
- Estimated time for descent about the same due to expected 1 hour of bushwacking from stream to Valhalla Lake.

Contact me for maps and correct waypoints.
I'd say this trip takes ~9 - 10 hours car to car and is definitely not a S1/T2... more an S3/T3.