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Trip Report    

Intermediate Alpine Climb - Observation Rock/North Face

Long day and more or less successful.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Route is in great shape.  Solid ice from top to bottom.  Very tough to find anyplace to pound in a picket.  Ice screws all the way.

Started at 6am at the trailhead and took 4 hours to the base of the route.

Started climb about 10am.  2 of us did it in about 4 hours in three full rope pitches using 10 screws.

The other two in our party spent between 6-7 hours on the route breaking it up into half pitches and in the end decided they were too tired to safely lead the last ~40 feet.   We had to setup a toprope anchor and toss down a rope which added an extra hour about to setup as all our gear was already packed.

Sun was setting by the time we got everyone to the top and packed for the trip out.  Navigated all the way down by moonlight.  Luckily for so late in the season (Oct 20) it was about as warm and calm as a summer evening so the hike out wasn't bad.  

Got to the trailhead at 11pm (4 hours out) and slept in the cars as everyone was too tired to safely drive home.

Overall still a success as the 2 who didn't top out still each led multiple pitches with lead swaps in the hardest conditions Ob Rock can be in.