Trip Report    

Intermediate Alpine Climb - Hubba Hubba

No it's not a mirage, moderate water ice is a real thing in Washington. We found it.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The approach is very straight forward. We used snowshoes which were handy for the ascent but boots on the way down was manageable. The many converging avalanche gullies are certainly something to pay attention to. I would not want to be on this route in unstable conditions. 

Route is in. Our party of three had a total hoot! I highly recommend this outing. Quite surprised this isn't a more popular club climb. 
Morning sun light cleared the route of snow via a small sluff slide exposing beautiful ice. The gully above is certainly fat with snow but very stable and mostly concealed from solar exposure. The first pitch is the stiffest (WI3), a few spots of hollow ice found lower here. Three fixed pins supported a rap anchor/ belay station to end the first pitch. This is just right of the major rock escarpment in the middle of the flow. From there pitch two and three were more moderate climbing. Pitch two trends climber's left and then up a ramp slightly right to the next ice step. End of pitch 2 required an ice anchor. Pitch three heads up the final step to the gulley. Nice ice except for the transition to the upper snow slopes above pitch three. A bit thin and rotten there, but doesn't surprise me given the snow load insulating the drip up high. Pitch three was belayed from a large tree above a rock out cropping quite a ways climbers right. We climbed up the snow slope and then traversed over above the rocks. It was a rope stretcher to reach the tree.
We opted for the walk off instead of the raps. We climbed another 150ft vertical ft up the main snow gully until there was an obvious bifurcation climbers right. Headed up another 50 vertical feet in this smaller chute. Descending traverse from here until we were off the primary rock rib and into another broad snow gully. Followed the gully back to the base of the climb.